Friday, 20 November 2009

Could Only Happen To Me

Not as much knitting done yesterday as I would have hoped due to a strange circumstance. I was merrily knitting away after dinner last night when I looked up and something flew into my eye. It landed right in the corner of my right eye next to my nose. I put down my knitting asap as this thing showed no signs of flying away again and I had to prise this little thing away from my eyeball. I then flicked it away and so didn't see what it was. My eyeball was stinging and it brought tears to my eyes. I was hoping that it wasn't a wasp or a bee as I am allergic to them. I looked in the mirror and could see no obvious damage apart from redness and a watering eye.

I went back and looked around but couldn't see any sign of this offending insect. I tried to continue to knit but gave up for a while as my eye was sore and watery. A little while later I saw the insect. It was a Ladybird! I kid you not. A Ladybird at this time of year. Now I know the answer to where do Ladybirds go in the winter - they come in my house and fly into my eye! It seems none the worse for hitting my eyeball and is at the moment happily crawling up the lampshade. I just hope that it doesn't want to launch itself off into flight again.

If you have followed my blog then you will know that I knitted the letter Y some time ago for a knitted poem. I got this notification today

The Knitted Poem Arrives in Manchester!

A rare opportunity, too, to see inside Manchester's Edwardian water palace - Britain's best-loved restoration project - a miracle of stained glass, emerald tiling and carved wood. The knitted poem will be on display in the former Ladies Pool. Look down from the fabulous balconies, or get up close, to see the woollen marvel that over a 1,000 volunteers created.

Poets Linda Chase and Vona Groarke will read poems at the Victoria Baths on 22nd November alongside the knitted poem. (3pm).

Poet Deryn Rees-Jones is coming down from Liverpool to see the knitted poem and promises to read some poems too.

This is a FREE event.

The Victoria Baths is on Hathersage Road Manchester and the exhibition is open from 12 -4pm

I was going to say that it is a nice sunny day today but obviously I should have blogged sooner as it is now raining again!

Thanks for your comment Lynn. I do, unfortunately, have plenty time on my hands to knit and crochet so for me I don't think that I work all that fast considering the hours at my disposal, If I had full health, or a partner to share my life, then I would be glad to knit and crochet less and live life more but one has to make the best of the hand that you get dealt. At least I can look back on a full and active life up until the last few years and God willing I will resume it again one day soon.

Time for a coffee and a knit whilst I watch Loose Women. Maybe I should wear my glasses for protection in case the Ladybird decides to dive bomb my eye again !

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sylvia said...

Poor you I hope your eye is better today keep on knitting