Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cable and Textured Coat Finished

My first Christmas present is completed. This jacket is for my niece. It is from the booklet 339 Winter Glamour by Sirdar. There are two versions of the pattern, one long and one short. This is the longer version and took 18 balls of Sirdar Click Colour 0126 Merlot.We bought the wool from the Yarn Barn in Shaw. As you can see the sleeves are a little long on me but my niece has much longer arms and is a couple of sizes slimmer so it will fit her better than it does me..

I am still knitting the striped sweaters for Charlie and Finlay. I have finished the larger one but not yet stitched it together and have now started work on the smaller sweater.

Thanks to Bev for her pattern suggestions for my other niece's jacket. I have forwarded them on to her along with a couple more suggestions and am awaiting a reply as to which,if any, she prefers. Until them I will continue with my smaller knitting and perhaps start a bit of crochet.I believe that she wants a neutral colour this time which will be a welcome change from her usual black.

Yesterday my son met me at the supermarket and helped me to choose a new TV. My old TV decided to give up on me. Hardly surprising as it was about 15 yrs old. The picture was fine but the sound went and so it was like watching silent movies. I haven't gone mad and got one of those cinema sized screens. In fact my son informed me that the one I have bought is the same as the one they had in the caravan! Ah well small is beautiful so they say. Anyway I read that the large flat screens are a magnet for thieves so if they see my small TV they will hopefully feel sorry for me and leave me alone. My son bought me a Freeview box for my birthday, which is later this month, and he decided to give it to me early and set it up at the same time that he was sorting out the TV.


June said...

What a gorgeous coat. I love the colour, so nice a warm for the winter.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, that is absolutely

G O R G E O U S !

WOW! I love that color and I think you did an amazing job. Oh, how I wish I had some of your talent.

Can't wait to see what your other niece picks out. Hope it's my favorite. If I could knit that one would already be on my needles. (Sigh.)

Mattenylou said...

Jan, that came out gorgeous! What a great gift, they are lucky girls to get such wonderful Christmas presents. I can't wait to see the other one!

Pammy Sue said...

Beautiful coat!!