Monday, 16 November 2009

Two Striped Baby Sweaters

I have finished the two baby sweaters destined to be Christmas presents for Finlay and Charlie. I used a basic drop sleeved sweater pattern, striped it with 4 rows main and 2 rows contrast. By reversing the colour combinations I managed to get both sweaters from 2 balls of Hayfield Bonus DK. 100 grams of Camel and 100 grams of cream made both sweaters which is economical in my eyes. The worst bit about knitting is the making up. It has taken me most of today to stitch the sweaters together. I heave a sigh of relief when I have cast the last bit off, patting myself on the back for another completed garment and completely forget that I still have to stitch it all up. I have been spoiled recently as in crochet there is far less stitching up to do, and in the case of Doris Chan no seams to sew up at all. Is it any wonder that i prefer crochet?

I have got a couple of things to start whilst I wait for wool and instructions for my niece's Christmas knitting. I am torn between crochet socks or starting some more knitting for the babies.

Thanks for the lovely comments about my other niece's chunky jacket. I think that I might make one for myself in the future but I think that I will make the shorter version and maybe add buttons as even though I don't always fasten a jacket I do like the option of being able to button up if I want to.

I haven't been outdoors today as the weather is once again wet and miserable plus my son wanted me to shorten his new trousers that he needs when he starts his new job tomorrow. He is quite tall but they were inches too long. Perhaps the company he is going to work for normally employ giants? He should be getting another pair or two so I will be on standby with my needle once they arrive.

Update on my request to the Universe. No response to my plea so far but as I didn't specify a time limit perhaps I am being too impatient.

I am not going to the Kings Arms tonight as I don't have a lift so I will have an individual knit out in my front room with my TV instead. I do hope that the pub has got the heating repaired for the ladies tonight or they will have a chilly knit out. It took me a while to warm up my fingers after last week's freeze.

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sylvia said...

The Jumpers look cool jan well done yet again