Monday, 2 November 2009

One Jazzy Sock Finished

The shawl has now been blocked as you can see. Sorry about the slightly blurry photo but pressing the shutter on the camera and then trying to get into position isn't the easiest of things to do and I guess I moved. This pattern is one of the easiest shawls to crochet and is a free pattern from the net. All Shawl by Doris Chan. This was made from a part cone of machine acrylic that I got donated by a friend who was clearing out his late mother's attic.

I have finished one sock and you can see it boldly modelled on my little fat foot. I have beaten the one sock syndrome as I am almost at the turn of the heel in the other sock. Whilst I find the Regia 6ply a bit thick in wear I do love the way that it knits up in such a short time. The jazzy colours help to keep me interested in a stocking stitch sock. I have only made the socks ankle length as I have quite plump legs plus the further up my leg the sock goes the more I itch. I suffer from eczema on the front of my legs and wearing anything wool just makes it worse so I tend to knit my socks on the shorter side. I can't make them trainer length as when I wear my boots (which is when I usually wear hand knitted socks) they travel down inside my boot and finish up underneath my heel.

I have knitted a sleeve of my niece's chunky cardigan. I wanted to see how many balls I would need to make the sleeves to calculate how the wool was working out as at first I suspected that the balls quoted on the pattern might be wrong and I would need more but the sleeve has taken just over the 2 balls so I think I will be OK. My niece said to cut a couple of inches off the length if I think that the wool is running short.

Tonight I got a lift from Pam down to the Kings Arms Knitting Club. As usual we had a good natter and knit with the usual hilarity. I don't know whether it is being in such close proximity to a bar that lightens the atmosphere but it does usually turn out to be quite a jolly affair even if not a lot of knitting or crochet gets done during the course of the evening.

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June said...

Another lovely shawl Jan. You made good use of the yarn that was in the attic. Love the socks, such bright cheerful colours to wear on cold dark winter days.