Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pattern Suggestions Please

I am on the last stretch of the chunky jacket for my niece. I have one front band still to pick up and knit but I need daylight to pick up the stitches evenly and neatly. Tonight I will knit the sleeves of the baby sweater that was intended for Finlay but I think will fit Charlie. I do find that the modern Sirdar patterns knit up a lot larger than my old designs do. I have finished the sweater body and knitted the neckband and it is blocking out as you can see. The striped have not gone weird the szweater is inside out in an attempt to stop the edges from curling when I come to sew it together.

Ny other niece would like a jacket knitting and as she lives in London I asked her to find a photo of something similiar to what she wants. She sent me this link to an Marks and Spencer jacket.I have searched my patterns but all of my double breasted jackets have a V neck similar to a blazer. Has anyone seen a pattern on the net that is a similar shape to this? If so I would be grateful for a link to it. It doesn't have to be identical to this jacket it is just the shape that she likes. My other niece thinks that she might have a pattern that I can adapt but I will kee on searching in the meantime.

I stil haven't done my ironing and as I am expecting a friend tomorrow I guess that I wil have to stuff it all back in the ironing basket and fold up the ironing board once again. I thought that by leaving it out it would jog me into action but it hasn't. Ironing is one job that really hurts my back even though I sit down to iron. The other thing that makes my back hurt is washing the dishes. I often get my sleeves wet through as I lean on the sink to wash up and so my arms trail in the water. I tried sitting down for that but I have to sit on an angle which also hurts my back. I definitely need a houswork fairy to live in my house.

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Anonymous said...

These aren't EXACTLY the same but they are pretty cute. I found them on Ravelry: (when I saw this, I just fell in love with it. I would like it for me even!)