Saturday, 7 November 2009

Washcloths - or in my case Dishcloths

Not a very exciting post today. All I have to show is 4 washcloths as they call them in the US or dishcloths as we call them in the UK. I suppose I could also use them in the bathroom but as they are this rather revolting colour them somehow I don't think so. I bought this Colorado cotton on a whim in Lidl a couple of years ago and never did much with it so I decided to put it to practical use and make dishcloths as my old ones are getting rather holey. In fairness to the cotton it is lovely and soft despite it's cheapness and had it been a different colour would have made something nicer with it.

The chunky jacket for my niece is still progressing. I have now finished two sleeves, part of the back and most of one front. The reason I am flitting about from piece to piece is that I am trying to gauge the wool as I have my doubts that the pattern states enough wool to make it as described. My niece doesn't mind losing a couple of inches off the length as the jacket is 34" long so I don't want to finish off any of the pieces in case I have to lose a bit of length. I would rather unravel at this armhole stage than after I have finished the pieces off at the shoulders.

The weather has been miserable over the last few days with Manchester living up to it's rainy reputation. The sun is, at the moment, trying to shine after a downpour this morning and I am contemplating walking up to Tesco as I need a Lottery ticket. I will of course be taking my trusty trolley and brolly. I feel like a bag lady pushing it along the pavements but pride takes a backseat when I go shopping as I cannot carry anything heavy and today I need some washing powder.

I don't understand why washing powder has to be in such large boxes as when you open them they are rarely more than two thirds full. I have tried the liquids and the sachets but somehow always come back to the powders. As I am a demon with the green soft soap and a scrubbing brush pre wash then it doesn't seem to matter how cheap/expensive my washing powder is. I never rely on powder alone to get rid of any spills and stains on my clothing. I don't buy those pre wash sprays either as I still find a bit of elbow grease, a scrubbing brush and fairy soap works better.

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