Friday, 27 November 2009

Crochet Book Photos

Photo heavy blog today to cover up for the fact that I don't have much knitting to report.

I think that I will make quite a few garments from this book The Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry if not for myself then certainly for my nieces. I like the front cover cardigan but would have to see how I could adapt the sleeves to make them without the bell shaping. As the garment is worked side to side it wouuld take a bit of figuring out.

I like the blue double breasted jacket,the rust one button cardigan,the blue one button short jacket, the white peplum jacket and the long purple coat. I won't be starting any of these before Christmas but keep an eye open in the New Year.

Sorry about the quality of the photos as the book is very shiny and the weather is wet and dull so not the best circumstances to be photographing anything really.

I am looking forward to my meal out tonight although it will be just me and my niece as Charlie and Finlay have both got colds as has Mum so she isn't coming with us as planned.


June said...

Have a lovely birthday meal out tonight Jan. Love the new book, I am tempted to order a copy for myself. Looking forward to seeing what you make from it.

Anonymous said...

How was your birthday dinner? Hope it was lovely.

I don't like those bell sleeves either -- on either of the sweaters that have them. Quite dorky looking if you ask me. You'll get it all figured out though to change them.

Mattenylou said...

That looks like a really good book, those patterns are timeless, and there's something to please everybody. I love the long purple one, might have to make it for myself after the holidays!