Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pyjama Day

I have decided to make today a Pyjama Day. There is nothing wrong with me I just don't feel like getting dressed. I am not going out and no-one is calling (well not that I know about anyway) I will shower and change into new PJ's later.

The knitting continues slowly and I have finished off the larger hooded jacket for Charlie and have started the back of the smaller jacket. Thank goodness I saved the smaller one for last as I feel like the jacket has taken me forever to knit and I am getting rather bored with it now.

The wool shown in the bottom photos is what I bought from Habiknit on Saturday. The larger balls of aran are destined to be Irish Hiking Scarves with matching hats for my nephews in law, the cotton is for washcloths and dishcloths. The cream wool is for a pair of house socks for my sister in law if I get the time before Christmas. My niece e mailed me yesterday and wants me to make 4 hats with duck motifs on them so I guess I will be knitting on the night shift from now until Christmas.

Today as promised I am showing off the contents of Inside Crochet magazine that I bought on Saturday. The magazine has a passion for motifs and the scarf on the cover is another of them. Thankfully this issue doesn't have any more. Previous editions of this magazine has been so motif orientated they have annoyed me.

My niece liked the long short sleeved jacket except for the dangerous looking scarf dagger and the hump sleeves but both of those can be changed. The beaded cuffs may be very pretty but a definite no no for me as I cannot handle minutely small glass beads with my arthritic fingers.

The vest top is not for me but could appeal to my younger uber slim niece. The pink fair isle slipper socks are the pattern that I bought the book for. As soon as I have finished all of my Christmas kniting they are on my "me" list. I doubt if I would bother putting the soles on them. I would probably leave them as socks.

The grey sweater is pretty but I am not sure about the dodgy seaming at the neck cable edge. I would have preferred the cables to go all around seamlessly as they do on the bottom and sleeve edgings. The lacy gauntlet gloves are something that my older niece and daughter in law would love.

The shrug I think is rather boring plus it is done in tunisian stitch with a double ended hook so buying the hook would bump up the price of the shrug before I started with the wool. The scarf is also in Tunisian crochet and I may do that as I have just bought a hook from Kay Jones that I could use for the scarf.

The red jacket is really ugly. Another tunisian crochet one. I just can't say anything nice about it - sorry if you like it but I can't find one thing about it that I like. The 3 blind mice are adorable and if I was into crocheting and stuffing small toys I would make these. I am afraid that amigurumi is not something that turns me on at all. Unless I had small children they are not something that I would make.

I have received my new patterns from Kay Jones today but more about those tomorrow. I may have stitched up the larger hooded baby jacket and stitched the buttons on by then so will have a photo of that to show as well.

Time for a cup of coffee with those Loose Women. I watched Gok Wan last night and he was styling a 72 yrs old lady. I want a Gok to help style me as I am feeling decidedly frumpy these days. Pipe dream that bit as I don't have the money for new clothes and as I rarely go out can't see the point. He might make me feel more positive about myself though and help me to make the best of this ageing sagging body. Enough of that - it's time for coffee.


Janet Happy Girl said...

I have pajamma days every now and then too....enjoy it!

Mad about Craft said...

I have as many PJ days as I can manage.

It sounds you are going to be beating those Elves within an inch of their lives to get everything done before Christmas.

June said...