Thursday, 5 November 2009

I'm With Quentin On This

As I was battling with some housework today a thought came into my mind about a quotation that I had heard once on the TV in a documentary on the late Quentin Crisp. For those of you who might not have heard of him he was a blatant, flamboyant homosexual in an era when such things were punishable by law. Some of the things Quentin said in the interview really stuck in my mind. I looked them up on the net so that I could quote them to you verbatim.

For today I thought "There is no need to do any housework. After the first four years the dust doesn't get any worse" was very apt for me as I am a reluctant domestic goddess at the best of times.I really don't mind a bit of dust and clutter. I am basically clean but just lack the incentive to be either Kim or Aggie. I don't eat off my kitchen floor so what does it matter if it has a few muddy cat or dog prints on it?

His quote " If at first you don't succeed, then failure is maybe your style" applies to me a lot. I rarely have succeeded in anything that was expected of me so I should have decided long ago just to succeed at failure and have done with it.

When I look in my wardrobe "Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are" springs to mind. I have never been a slave to fashion except for a brief period in the 60's when I could not decide whether I was an op art Mary Quant mini dress wearer or some kind of hippie with tie dyed tops and skirts or embroidered cheesecloth items that I bought from Carnaby Street. Don't tell anyone but I still have a cream cheesecloth skirt and a bright pink striped long wrap around skirt that I bought way back then still in the wardrobe which I have been known to still wear. Don't tell the fashion police will you? I would still have an embroidered cheesecloth blouse but the seams failed miserably under the armpits and disintegrated so I had to throw it away as it was beyond repair.

I finished off the sleeves and started a front on my niece's chunky cardigan but succumbed to the lure of the siren call of my crochet hook and had to use up the last of the sock wool to make my phone a new cosy. If you look closely you can see the red rabbit button that I have used to fasten it with. I have also started some washcloths (or dishcloths as I call them) with some cotton that I bought from Lidl a couple of years ago and never found a use for.

I suppose I had better get back to the hoovering and maybe, horror of horrors, get the mop out for that kitchen floor but that might be pushing my domestic prowess a bit too far. Oh my, I would far rather be crocheting. I wonder if Quentin's dirt theory applies to kitchen floors if I just leave it?

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