Sunday, 22 November 2009

Big Matinee Jacket

A couple of Christmas ago I was given 2 packs of super chunky wool but as there was only 600 grams in each pack I didn't know what to make with them. I made the grey fleck up a while ago into a striped short sleeved jacket and decided to make up the cream yesterday as I was going stir crazy with all the knitting I have been doing lately. The jacket hasn't turned out quite as I envisioned it but that's sometimes the case when I make things up as I go along. I would have preferred a longer jacket with longer sleeves but my wool ran out. hence I have christened this jacket my big matinee jacket and I am sure that it will keep me warm during this winter. Better on me than languishing in my stash. I could have made a waistcoat but I don't wear the ones that I have made previously. I like something with a bit of a sleeve even though in this case it is short.

I started off using a baby matinee pattern to get the increases in the right place and then just kept on increasing as set on the yolk until it was the right size. The bottom bit was a bit of improvisation to try to eke the wool out a bit more by making it lacy.

Yesterday I went up to Bury and found Habiknit and bought a few bits which I will photograph tomorrow. I also nipped into WH Smiths and picked up the latest copy of Inside crochet. I will put some photos of that on the blog tomorrow. I bought it for the pattern of some long slipper socks which I will get around to for myself one day.I had a little wander around but then the rain started pelting down and I came home. As I waited to cross the road a lovely bus driver whooshed through a puddle and drenched me from head to toe. Luckily I was on my way home at the time.

Today I went to the farmers Market that they had in the village. They have had a couple so far this year and I hope that the bad weather and lack of customers today doesn't put them off coming back again. I didn't buy a lot and had gone mainly for the lamb. I took the photo to show my purchases. I thought that the stick of sprouts might make you laugh. Apparently if I keep them somewhere cold then I can just cut a few off as and when required. I also bought a West Indian Lamb Pattie ( a pasty to most people) and am looking forward to that for my lunch.

I will resume my knitting today. I am on the last sleeve of the larger baby jacket and my niece said she things that Louise will want hoods on the jackets so I have a bit more to knit before I can start the smaller jacket. My niece is going to the yarn Barn next week to get the wool for my London niece's jacket so I will carry on with the boys knitting until then. I still have a lot of knitting to do before Christmas.

Cup of coffee time now and then it's upstairs to remake the bed and do some hoovering. I don't think much knitting will get done today as I have a pile of washing and ironing to do before I can sit down.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jan, I love your new jacket. It's perfect. I like the sleeves the way they are. I'm not crazy about long sleeves and so this type of jacket would be perfect for me. YOU ARE SO CLEVER!

I'll be right over for lamb and brussel sprouts. Would you be willing to wait for me?

Mattenylou said...

Jan, that is the perfect sweater for wearing around the house! What a great invention you made. I think it will be grat when you just want to wear another layer in the winter, but don't don't want to be bothered with sleeves getting wet and in the way while doing our 'chores'... I love it! I may even make one!

June said...

Another great jacket you seem to have whizzed up in no time. It will be very handy for around the house when you need that extra bit of warmth. You really are amazing!