Monday, 11 August 2008

Two bits of progress today

Today I passed a couple of milestones. I decided to stop the strong painkillers as I no longer felt the need to numb the pain. The pain is more of a constant ache now but bearable. I have stepped down to paracetamol. The second milestone was that I managed a little walk up the road. I was a bit wobbly not quite Bambi on Ice but you get the general idea. I had no more pain on walking that I have sitting down so I am taking that as a good sign. I did plan on walking a little further up the street but it started to rain - oh what a surprise. I am not sure what the neighbours thought of my attire (if they were looking) as I was wearing what I think Asda would describe as lounging attire. A Barbie pink fleece top with pale grey fleece joggers. I think they would be most likely to be used as winter pj's rather than walking up the street attire! I don't care anymore. I wasn't about the get changed just for a 5 minute walk

The huge ball of wool that I started crocheting the car coat from the Everyday crochet book has suddenly started to collapse and I am rapidly running out of wool. I had already foreseen that I would have to do the collar, belt and bands in a different wool as you can see from the cuff but I am unsure now whether I will have enough to make the coat body without using some contrast in it somewhere. I will finish off the other sleeve and take stock of what I have left and then I will make a decision on how to utilise the other colour in the design.

The Diploma aran is a lovely heather colour as you can see from the photo. Charlie gave me 2 packs so I will have plenty of yarn to make myself either an aran sweater or jacket. I am still not back to my knitting as I can't get a comfy position for that from my armchair.

I have made one of each of the proposed squares for Vicky's shawl but I have a feeling that the colourways may change once she sees them up close. The way that they have crocheted up together looks so different from the way they looked side by side in the balls when she planned the colour sequences.

Back to the crochet, the ever diminishing ball and the TV. I don't know if you do this but I seem to crochet or knit twice as fast if I think I am running out of wool. Do I think I can outrun the ball? That it will make a difference if I crochet/knit faster? I will let you know where I ran out and how I compromised tomorrow.


Mad about Craft said...

I've done that, speeded up to try and outrun the rapidly running out ball of yarn.

Zuleika said...

You are busy busy! ;-)
You made a lot of progress, I'm glad your little walk was successful. I wouldn't care what the neighbors thought about my attire either. They're not dressing you!

I seem to speed up at the end of a ball, but I think I do it because I can see the end is near, and I want to hurry up and pass that milestone. :-)