Monday, 25 August 2008

Too big or too small

I don't know what it is with me lately but everything I attempt is either too big or too small. Yesterday I thought that the DROPS bolero had come out too big. Last night I crocheted something from Amazing lace in the same wool I used for the bolero and when I looked at it this morning there is no amount of blocking that would make it fit. I now have a big ball of unripped wool ready for a restart this afternoon. It's a good job that time is on my side.

I will post photos today of the crochet bedcape that I made over 2yrs ago when I was supposed to go into hospital for the first time for my op. When I did finally go in I got the only week in July that was a heatwave and so never got to wear it anyway. The bedcape pattern is a very old Patons book which is long out of print and I have made several of these over the years for the elderly or nursing mums as it just fits over the shoulders and gives warmth and modesty over the bustline in these days of mixed wards and semi see through nightwear.

Today is another miserable dull day. Where is the summer? Was it the week I was in hospital? We are fast approaching Autumn and have barely seen the sun this year. I think I suffer from SAD syndrome. I feel so much better when the sun shines. It's just so depressing to think that the winter nights will soon be here again and my summer clothes have barely been worn.


Mad about Craft said...

We can only hope that September & October are better, you never know, we may even get sun.

Rose said...

Lovely Jan, your work is a credit to you. I just wish I could crochet like you. I have not done any of late as it is far to hot and the wool and pin get sticky, hope I do not go off it all together. Glad you are still crocheting and hope you getting better every day. At the moment my spare time is taken up learning Romanian , it's hard !!!