Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The sparks are flying off my hook

I think I am back up to speed with my crochet. Perhaps not as fast as normal but as I can sit, without feeling guilty about chores left undone, for a lot longer then I am achieving more. Caroline F had bought this Patons Moonglow (colour Moonlight) and whilst it was a little thick for crochet I decided to give the short n sweet shrug a go. I made the child's size on a larger hook as the wool is rather chunky. I did very well until I ran out of wool for the border. The wool only has 50 metres per ball and so didn't go far. I could have left a row off the body but it would have spoiled the pattern having the bottom row missing. I found some wools and twisted them together to see if I could get a decent match. I don't think it looks too unsightly and I hope that Caroline is pleased with it.

I have now started Mei Mei from Everyday crochet book with Rowan All Seasons cotton. It is a lovely yarn to work with. It is 60% cotton and 40% Acrylic and has a slightly corded feel to it. It is a joy to crochet. Slightly stretchy but I think it will work up really nicely.

I am getting stronger with every day that passes. My back is still very sore but more as if I had a huge gravel graze running the full length of my back. I find it tender to sit or to lie. I am not sleeping really well. I am still waiting for my walk outside as the weather is not co-operating. I don't really feel the urge to walk in the rain just yet. My son has just phoned from South Wales to say it is raining hard there as well.

I had a shower this morning but I need my over bath seat sorting out. There were no instructions with the seat. Just a bag with some feet and a handle. I presume these are to secure the seat to the bath but as I don't even have a photo unless I look online it is all a mystery. If I get any visitors tomorrow I will get them to have a look at it for me.

I have sat too long now so am off to try another bit of crochet.


Anonymous said...

It's looking fierce! Thanks muchly Caroline

Zuleika said...

I love it!! You are surely making up for lost times aren't you!? lol I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better.
You're able to sit up while crocheting? I had to lie down for about a week after my surgery.

ArtYarn said...

Hey Jan,

thanks for your text, i hope your making a good recovery.
love the pictures, beautiful as ever!!

ambermoggie said...

looking good Jan
BTW I nominated you for the Arte y Pico award, check out my blog:)