Saturday, 9 August 2008

I love new books

Charlie from the Salford Knitters came to visit me today and brought me 2 books to read by Stephanie Pearl McPhee (the name always reminds me of the film Nanny PcPhee) otherwise known as the Yarn Harlot. I am sure that I will enjoy reading these. She also brought me 2 skeins of sock wool and some chocs. The random is Stroud Wool Socrates 4ply Merino and the plainer is Knitspin Logwood Purple Grey Merino. I have been really good with my choccy presents and am still slowly eating my way through the Thornton's goodies that Eadaoin brought for me when the Knitty Noras visited me.

I had a good night's sleep so I have been a chirpy birdie today. Once I can crack the good sleep/bad sleep cycle then I will feel better I am sure. I am not the best sleeper in the world at the best of times but feel that my body does need sufficient sleep to recover. The pain levels are decreasing with every day that passes and I find that I am more supple as the days go by. I am still in awe of the fact that I can tighten my stomach muscles. I made the hospital doctor laugh as he coulmd't understand why I was showing him my tummy going in and out. I said you don't know how good it feels to try to tighten your stomach muscles and have them obey and actually move. For such a long time my tummy just hung there like a dead weight giving my back more pain. I will soon be working on my muscle skills to raise my bottom up from the bed whilst lying down. Another skill I had lost a long time ago. I used to be like a turtle on it's back wriggling about as I struggled to get up from a lying position to a seated one. The only way I could get out of bed was to do a sideways roll and hang on the bedside cabinet and heave. If the dog was lying at my side so I couldn't move I was trapped unless I could entice Buster to roll over as well!

Bernadette ny neighbour from across the road offered to get some ready meals and fruit from Tesco for me. Everyone has been so kind to me. I am going to ask Vicky J to show me the ropes of online Tesco shopping as it will be several months before I am allowed to push a shopping cart and kind as everyone has been I would like to do my own shopping. My neighbour Julie called to see how I was. She is still struggling to come to terms with her not so good news. The specialist is doubtful if they can remove the tumour that is on her pancreas and kidney. They will only be able to tell once they go in for a look. Such a lovely lady. Thinking about me in her time of trouble. This is Julie's nature, always thinking of others - as I said before a lovely, loving lady.

My son rang to say he is back home again but is still recovering after his rather wet holiday. Buster is apparently leaping about like a puppy. It is either the influence of 7 month old Skye, his holiday or his Glucosomene tablets which he has now been taking for 3 weeks. I am unsure of when he is coming home. I have missed him and am looking forward to seeing him again but realistically speaking, much as I love him, I don't feel ready to cope with him just yet.

My ex husband called around to see how I am. It crossed my mind that 40yrs ago today I would have been getting ready for my wedding day the following afternoon (10th). I would have been trying hard to convince myself that everything would work out and I wasn't making the biggest mistake of my life. I feel so envious of girls today who on finding themselves pregnant have the choice of not getting married. I just got all the guilt, shame and remorse of letting the family down dumped on my head and so I did what I thought was the "right thing" in order to save my face with my family. My life could have been so very different had I chosen a different path. The swinging sixties were not very swinging for a northern working class pregnant girl. Free love and the pill didn't reach Manchester for quite a long time after the 60's.

I have finished off my retro style 60's inspired sweater and am stitching it up at the moment. The Russian squares incorporated in the design are still pulling and resisting being square so I think it calls for a lot of blocking to tame them into submission before I photograph it. Maybe tomorrow I will unveil my latest creation. I am still unsure if I like it but it is quite different to anything I have made recently. I have used unravelled wool and stash so it hasn't actually cost me anything if I decide to pass it on to someone else. Charlie said that she liked it but I always think - are people just being polite. I lack confidence in my designs.

I am off to finish my stitching and make the final decision as to what to start next with my big ball of aubergine wool. I am veering towards the longer Doris Chan car coat design but will have to weigh up if I have enough yarn to do it before I start. The pattern has a different coloured shawl collar and belt but I really wanted mine to be all one colour so I might have to compromise on the length.

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