Friday, 8 August 2008

Hard to stay awake day

My nights seem to alternate between sleep and no sleep. I am just going with the flow. I was up and awake this morning at 5am after a restless night of little sleep. Today I have been smiling to myself as I keep waking up after nodding off with my crochet in hand whilst seated in the middle of my bay window. I hope that the neighbours have got used to my eccentricities over the last week or so. I hope that I am a pretty sleeper and don't have my mouth open or am snoring and drooling. No-one has yet said anything but they are a good bunch of neighbours around here and far too polite to tell me if I am. If I feel like a sleep then I am taking it. I let my body dictate what it wants to do for the day.

I may have visitors tomorrow. Charlie from the Kings Arms knitters has said that she will pop in with her small daughter for a quick visit.

I am still working on the unravelled aran. I had hoped to be further along with that today but as I have been a nodding dog all day then not much crochet has been done. The photo is of one of the sleeves. I am ekeing out the wool so doing sleeves even though the body is not fully completed.

Vicky J gave me the huge ball of wool in the other photos and I am toying with doing either one of the cardigans/jackets pictured from everyday crochet book. I haven't weighed up whether I have enough wool for the long length one yet or even if it is the correct thickness for the patterns but I can work around that bit.

I have taken close ups of my flowers so that you can see how beautiful they are. The scent is gorgeous and fills the room. Thanks once again to the Noras.

Hopefully I will get a better night's sleep tonight and be full of the joys of Spring tomorrow. The pain is getting better every day. I am still looking forward to trying a walk outdoors at the weekend. I didn't try today even though the sun was shining as I was far too sleepy and wobbly.


Mad about Craft said...

Don't expect too much, it isn't so long ago you would have still been in hospital after surgery such as yours so I think you are doing really well.

Keep those hooks flying!!

Zuleika said...

I meant to say before that I love that square. I may try it out and add it to my blanket.

Even though you hadn't slept as well last night, atleast you can smile about it. :-)
I hope you have a good nights sleep and tomorrow goes better for you. *hugs*