Sunday, 10 August 2008

Happy Sunday

I had another good night's sleep last night so I am happy today. If only the sun would shine and I could have a little walk then I would be happier still.

I have posted a photo of the finished sweater even though, as you can see, it hasn't been blocked as yet. It reminds me very much of the 60's if only because when I was learning to crochet garments in the very early 60's one of the first sweaters I made was a long line one made from 3 treble blocks and was in almost the exact colours of this one. The Granny or Russian square is also very retro 60's. I think I am happy with the finished result albeit a bit unusual.

Vicky J came today to introduce me to the intricacies of ordering my food online. It should arrive on Wednesday as I have enough food to last me until then. She brought with her the now balled colours for her granny square shawl. I am going to make one square of each of the 4 colourways tonight just to make sure that the squares look the same crocheted up as they do in the balls. You can never be absolutely sure of how they will look until you see them in the square.

I have started the long line cardigan from the Everyday crochet book from the huge ball of wool that Vicky gave me the other day. I have discovered that I have some other wool that will tone with it if I run out for the shawl collar, belt and cuffs. I don't want the jacket to be as long as the one in the book but I do want it long enough to cover my ample rear end. The more Doris Chan designs that I do the easier I am finding the yolk. Charlie called today and is finding the yolk of her Mei Mei a bit intimidating just as I did when I started my first one. Doris does unfortunately have a habit of sending you from page to page and size to size so if you are not absolutely concentrating then it is so hard to keep track of where you are and which page of which pattern you are crocheting next. I have told her that I will sit with her and show her which bit goes where if she hasn't fathomed it out. I have offered to finish it off for her but I think, like me, she doesn't like to be beaten by a pattern. I think once I show her then it will all fall into place for her.

Charlie brought me some wool and some noodles but I will post some photos of those tomorrow along with more progress on my car coat and the squares.


Crochet Diva said...

OooOoH pretty! I love the texture and color.

ree said...

Well, you're amazing! Back at it better than ever. Love the jumper. Have been sitting here just staring at it - it's very attention-grabbing.

Zuleika said...

That is soo pretty Jan! I love it!

You may be hooked to ordering food online now. It's such a time saver and easy on us folk with bad backs. ;-)

Christy said...

That tunic is so cute!