Thursday, 7 August 2008

The joys of a good night's sleep

Yesterday I was so sleepy. I struggled to keep my eyes awake all through the day and kept nodding off in my chair like some old biddy.

My niece called and brought me some groceries. She also managed to fathom out how to attach the handles and grips to the bath seat which has made such a difference and I now feel totally secure in the shower.

Vicky J came and brought me 2 surprise gifts of flowers from the Knitty Noras. As you can see from the photos she has chosen some beautiful ones for me and as they are both in soil they will last longer than cut flowers. I have got my instructions from Vicky J on how to keep them alive so I hope that I learned all her instructions well. She changed my bed linen for me and loaded the washer. I am so lucky to have such a lovely friend. The plus side of having had such a rough couple of years healthwise is the lovely good friends that I have made and who have made my life so much easier with their love and friendship. I hope that I can be such a good friend to them in the future.

I woke up this morning full of the joys of Spring. I finally went to bed around midnight after napping on and off most of yesterday and although I woke myself up a few times during the night I actually slept in until 10.30am! I feel like I have turned a corner today and feel so much better. The sun is shining and it is a great day.

Yesterday I didn't get much crochet done as I felt rather sleepy. I crocheted a few squares. These are called Russian squares and I really like them although I am unsure as to whether they will make good squares as the shape looks rather dodgy without blocking. I am not making another shawl and at the moment what I have in mind for them is rather up in the air or within my designing brain. It involves the balls of unravelled wool as well so if it all works out then you will see the results soon.

I found out that I have been awarded the Arte y Pico award by Ambemoggie. I feel very honoured, but totally unworthy, of this award. I now have to make my own awards. As part of this includes links to the award and to people's blog sites and I am such a total numb skull at anything to do with the net this might take a while. I still haven't worked out how to add links to this page using peoples names as the link so am hoping to get some help with this. At the moment if you want to read about the award then please click on Ambermoggies blog link on the right hand side of my page. Amber was deservedly awarded the Arte Y Pico. She is a lady that I have drawn much inspiration from. How she copes with what life has thrown at her recently and still stays so cheerful is an inspiration to me.

I am off now to try to make something with the Russian squares. I hope that you enjoy the photos of my flowers. I wish that you could smell the scent that is filling my front room.


Mad about Craft said...

So glad you are feeling better.

Zuleika said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Makes me want to go and purchase some for my flat. I think I need some flowers to spruce things up a bit.

Vicky is such a great friend! You are so blessed. :-)

I'm glad you're feeling good, that's an excellent sign. :-)

Congrats on the award! How can you say you're unworthy!? *hands on hips* You're a crochet machine and create such beautiful things. Shame on you for not feeling worthy! ;-)

veganknitter said...

So glad that you liked the flowers Jan.

We are all thinking of you in Knitting Noras land and hope that you will be joining us soon!

Your blog is a real inspiration you know, puts mine to shame - I only seem to be able to add something once a month.

Much love

Sarah xx