Saturday, 2 August 2008

My front room is my world (for the moment)

These are my two new sofas in my new hospital ward. My ex husband was less than complimentary about my front room but as you can see from my nest (old recliner chair) I have everything to hand that I need so that I don't have to keep getting up and down all of the time. The essentials in the last photo are my 2 Interweave crochet book back issues and mags and Thorntons chocolates so I have plenty to read. Vicky had also brought me some knitting mags plus I have only glanced through the ones that she brought me before my op so I am definitely stocked up on the reading material. The purple box by my nest is proving very useful. It was filled with hospital goodies from Vicky which I have shuffled about and put things like my pills, glasses, mobile phone etc as well as the wet wipes.

I had a very disjointed night last night and woke up quite a few times. Not in extreme pain but just enough to make it hard for me to nod off again. Possibly I wasn't tired enough last night as I am not one of nature's greatest sleepers and usually only aim for 5 - 6 hours on a good night. Last night I was in bed before 12 and so by 2.30 am had a good sleep and was ready to get up. I did make myself lie there and eventually dozed off again to wake at 4am and then 5.30am. I decided at 6.30am to give up and get up. I did however manage a little doze this afternoon on my day bed (3 seater sofa) but it is a bit low and I did jar my back.

I have not had any visitors today but plenty phone calls. I am happy in myself and have managed to find a spot in my nest that I can crochet from although I still feel like I have a large button in the centre of my back. My back is sore but I had a look with the aid of mirrors today and is a bit bruised and red looking. I think possibly it's from the sliding action as I wriggle about on chairs and in the bed.

Thanks for everyones good wishes and apologies that I haven't caught up with anyones blog as yet. I can just about manage 5 mins max in this PC chair before I start to get really uncomfy.

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Cinders said...

Hi Jan,
I'm glad you finally got your op but I'm surprised at the wait and nessing about from the physios. My neighbour had hers done and all the necessary epuipement was in place before the op. I think you've had a raw deal from whichever hospital you've been in.
glad you've got visitors and food.
I live quite near to you and though we've not met yet I'd be very happy to pop round and say hello if you're fed up or fetch you something.
let me know. Take care of yourself.