Friday, 1 August 2008

3rd day home

I am on my third day at home.The pain is bearable but that is probably because I decided not to try to be brave and step down the painkillers just yet. Maybe after the weekend. After all it is still only a week since my operation so I think I was expecting too much of myself, I am really still under hospital conditions but at home so if I was there they would not have stepped the pain meds down just yet. It makes a difference to me in that I have had a couple of nights of fairly decent sleep. The first night's dream I was running with a pack of dogs. Not so much wild ones more like the ones that you see in the rescue centres. Last night I had to crawl out of the middle of a giant crochet flower (I was tangled up in the sheets) to get a drink and a wee. I have not really had any hallucinations even though I am on morphine apart from a couple of odd dreams.

It is a good job that I tried to get my prescription renewed a day early as even though I had sent my neighbour up with the relevant discharge and drug paperwork to the GP's on Tuesday. They had no knowledge of me or any drugs when my niece called at the GP's yesterday. After another phone call from me she finally managed to get them for me but only after 20 questions from the pharmacy staff.

My aids assessed by the physio that I needed to help me get out of bed and take a shower did not arrive and when I phoned Bury they said that even with a referral from the physio it can take 13 weeks before anyone comes to assess me at home. I rang the hospital but of course no-one was available to speak to. My niece had to order a bath board from Argos Extra for me and it will be delivered on Monday so until them I will have to manage with a soapy cloth or wet wipes. I can't believe that there is no-one is the area that I can even rent some equipment for a week or so. I don't know how people manage these days at all. Not so many years ago my mother got offered so many aids that her house was littered with them. My brother tried desperately to give them all back after her death and no-one wanted to know (they belonged to the NHS) This country is really going to the dogs. They waste so much money on Physio assessors that they might as well just save. What is the point of being told that you need something only to get told that you can't have it (or at least for 13 weeks) I don't have much money but I do feel so desperately sorry for people who can't afford them and don't have a niece to order them on the internet for them.

I had lots of visitors last night (Knitty Noras bearing gifts) and today I had my friend Vicky arrive( with what was supposed to be my hospital package in a box) Very useful especially the large wet wipes as I will be needing them over the weekend! I now have lots of knitting books plus a couple of ladies magazines to read over the weekend courtesy of Eadaoin. I have limited myself to just a couple of Eadaoin's Thorntons Chocs per day as I am not back to my normal eating levels yet. My niece Vicky arrived with Louise and her baby Charlie. he is such a contented baby (breast fed) and slept peacefully through everything. I wouldn't have touched him any way for his and my health. I don't want to catch any kind of infection from anywhere. He was asleep anyway and I don't believe in waking a sleeping baby just to jiggle him about for our pleasure. Over the weekend I may have Vicky and Laurie and Caroline from Knitty Noras is calling on Sunday also. I still have 2 healthy Options dinners in the fridge and some home made dinners from Lisa so I won't starve.

Not much crochet or knitting done today as I am still very tender on my back and that perfect position for crochet comes and then goes so tonight I am just going to rest on the sofa lying down. I feel rather like I am lying on a huge button in the centre of my back so I hope this feeling passes over soon.

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ree said...

You are marvellous in your condition to keep up your blog, but glad that you do, so we know how you are. Sending very best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.