Sunday, 24 August 2008

DROPS bolero customised

I undid the circle for the DROPS bolero and re-did it using trebles in the centre in place of the double trebles and the squares now lie flat. Even though the finished squares are exactly the right measurements as the pattern I feel that the finished bolero is a little on the large side but I am not about to unpick it all again. It's just a fact that I pass on in case anyone wants to make it. I used 5 x 50 grams Patons Vintage Shade 07005 it has 80m per ball and is 70% Acrylic/30% Cotton. I found the instructions for the bolero edgings very sparse and finished up re-doing the whole edging as first time around it was really slack and frilly. I used trebles in place of double trebles for all of the edging in my final version. I will leave the stitching up to Vicky J as it is only supposed to be caught up on one loop under each arm but she may want to amend this and stitch up a couple more loops when she tries it on.

Today has been quite sunny but I didn't manage to go out for a walk today. I lacked the enthusiasm as it's Sunday and a Bank Holiday so most places would have been closed. Most of my neighbours seem to have gone on holiday for the weekend so it's very quiet on the street. I am watching episode after episode of Monk on TV. Apparently it's Monk weekend. I do like watching things like this.

I have got a few balls of the Patons Vintage left over and another project in mind to use them up if there are enough balls. All could be revealed tomorrow if the project works out. I will restart the crochet squares for the shawl once I have done that. I still haven't drummed up any interest in returning to the knitted socks that I started before going into hospital. I think they are going to turn out to be my longest project on needles for quite a while. The wool I am using is gorgeous and soft but splits like mad when I am knitting and I get fed up of retracing my steps to deal with split stitches that I notice on the following row. Thank goodness it is only stocking stitch or they would have been ripped out long ago.


Cinders said...

Hi jan, I like your bolero. glad you're improving and able to get out.

June said...

Very nice pattern Jan and you have made an excellent job of it, as usual. You have inspired me to try and make it for myself. Fingers crossed it will turn out as good as yours has.