Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wrist wrecker wrap is finally finished

The wrap intended for the mermaid's tail is finally finished. It is not a project that I am proud of. I have never worked with hand dyed wool before except for a pair of socks so had no idea that the colour would vary so much from ball to ball creating a striped effect. So disappointing. Coupled with the fact that I was doing a pattern that involved putting 9 UK triple trebles into a fan pattern shape which is not the thing to do when you have arthritis in both thumbs and wrists. To compensate for the vast colour changed I have crocheted some faux seaweed strands that can hopefully be draped over the stripes to break them up. I think that the tail edge needs some jagged chain or curlicue effects but I will leave that to Lisa to sort that bit out. I will cheerfully wave the wrap goodbye.

The pattern stitch is a lovely one for anyone not suffering with wrist problems and can be found on a throw pattern from called Twilight Shells Throw. Quite how anyone crochets a large throw all in one fills me with admiration. They must live in a very cold climate and crochet it in the winter and not be a person who gets easily bored by the repetition of the stitch. This wrap got quite heavy towards the end and it is only 36 x 64"

I am so looking forward to starting something new. I have to make two baby cardigans in knitting first before I can start any more crochet. I am a bit tired though as I got very little sleep again last night and gave in and got up around 5.30am. The pain is better when I am up and about. It gets worse when I lie in one position. I nodded off this afternoon for a half hour so that will keep me going for a while.


ambermoggie said...

Well done Jan and I love the seaweed additions:)

Queen Belicious said...

Love it hon. Give your wrist some love though.

Zu said...

I think it's really pretty! You did a great job as always. :-)

Lisa said...

Wowsers - I think it looks fantastic! I can't wait to drape it over me! Well done Jan, shame it wasn't an enjoyable project :( so extra thanks for seeing it through to the end!