Thursday, 11 June 2009

Well done Knitting Noras

Didn't we do well ladies. We raised £164.25p (could finish up a bit more)at the raffle/swish event at Deb's. I think we deserve a big pat on the back and so thanks to everyone who took part. I think Deb had to lie down in a darkened room after we had all gone home but I am sure she will admit it was all worth it.

Bev went on to raise some more money with her home made cake sales plus the ones left from Deb's evening but that total will all be revealed at a later date after she has held her raffle/sale event at the end of the month.

The draught excluder snakes were made for me by Jen. Aren't they grand. They will keep away the nasty draughts that I get under my front door and the lounge door. The black and gold bag was one of my purchases and was made by Deb. The cotton I acquired from the wool swish and the bracelet was a raffle prize.

The lovely crochet hook case was made for me by Deb using some of the fabric that I had donated. She hand stitched it and I am thrilled as I really love that piece of material but had no idea what I would have used it for as my sewing skills are very limited. Thanks Deb I will make good use of it when I am going to Knit Outs.

The mermaid tail crochet has more than passed the half way stage.I am now on my 4th ball. I have managed to calculate how many more rows are needed so am now on the count down stage. As you can see every ball is vastly different in colour from the last but I am sure it will be OK on the day as fish vary in colour from one end to another. Once it is ruffled up and draped I am sure that the colour changes won't show as badly. I would have had to run all five balls at once and do rows off either one to rectify this and just knew that it would finish up in a hopeless tangle if I tried to keep up with which ball to use next so I decided to just leave it as it was. It is taking me forever as it is mostly triple UK trebles and I can't work on it for long periods as the wrist action makes my arthritic wrists ache so I was in no mood to unravel what I had already crocheted and start again juggling 5 balls.


ambermoggie said...

Well done Noras:) Jan the mermaid tail looks great and you have done so much fabulous work, as have you all. Can't wait to get the calendar and see you all in it:)

June said...

Yes! You have all done really well. Everything is beautifully made, you are a talented group, looking forward to the calendar.