Monday, 8 June 2009

Another Stash Buster All Shawl

Another stash buster All Shawl by Doris Chan destined for the Knitting Noras raffles. I really enjoy making these shawls as they are so quick to make. I think a lot of it is to do with the colour changes. Have you ever noticed that you can knit or crochet a lot faster with the variegated wools as you can't wait to see the next colour change well the same is true of these stash buster shawls. I try not to plan the colours out too carefully. It's more a question of the larger amounts go further down the shawl where it takes a lot more wool for each row than planned colour co-ordination. Some work out well as I think this one does and some not so well. As usual my web cam has bleached out the colour in the shawl. The blcking photos are closer to the correct colours.

I am working on another stash buster but as my choice of stash is dwindling then the next one is less co-ordinated and has brighter colours in it. All will be revealed when I have finished it and photographed it. Perhaps the colours will grow on me.

Today I should work some more on the wrap for the mermaid tail but I am being distracted by the thought of trying to make some hair clips instead. Maybe I will do a bit of both.

The sun is shining today after the dreadful weather over the weekend. Four of my fellow Knitting Noras went to the Ravelry show but it was unfortunately a bit of a wash out. They just hadn't really catered for the British weather and a lot of the wool stalls were outside. Such a shame when events gets spoiled by our weather but as our weather is no surprise I think they should plan on holding everything indoors. People are not inclined to browse and buy with rain running down the back of their necks.

Peace and quiet has returned to my neighbourhood today. Last night the music from the Oasis concert in Heaton Park could be plainly heard inside my lounge with all the windows and doors closed. I feel sorry for anyone who isn't an Oasis fan and who lives close to the park as if I could hear it over the top of the TV where I am then it must have been unbearable for them.

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ambermoggie said...

that looks good Jan, I didn't go to the Rav day, didn't want to get wet and didn't fancy outside stalls.
I'm saving myself for woolfest:)