Monday, 1 June 2009

Sometimes the NHS makes my blood boil

I went for my long awaited follow up appointment for my knee to the hospital today. What a waste of time. I saw a nurse practitioner who hadn't the faintest idea what I was talking about. I asked her why I was in so much pain still after the operation and she said did they not tell you what they did? I said they did briefly when I was in the theatre but nothing since. She prodded my knee and said had I not had any anti inflammatory pills , stronger pain killers or physio. I said no because my GP would not prescribe anything until I saw the specialist again as I was still under his care. She then said my knee muscles were weak and needed physio. I said will having a course of physio take away the pain and she said possibly. I said what happens next and she said the specialist has no plans for any further treatment on you. I said Oh that's great he will leave me worse off than I was before the op then? After standing my ground she decided to refer me back to the specialist and after an argument an appointment was produced out of thin air for this Friday.

I then toddled down to physio as instructed to be told there that as my doctor does not have a practice in Salford then I can't have my physio there I have to be referred to another hospital. She mentioned my local hospital whose idea of physio is to give you a sheet of exercise instructions on a piece of paper and send you home to do them! I said I am not going there and I will have words with the specialist on Friday. I had my operation here and should have my follow up treatment here and not at some hospital where they don't know what I have had done. It's just so stupid in my eyes. Suddenly she produced an appointment for me at that hospital for tomorrow. Amazing isn't it. One minute they have no spaces and the next one gets pulled out of a hat. Salford Royal has a huge physio dept with a hydro pool and all the latest equipment I am not being fobbed off to some second rate hospital where they offer nothing in the way of treatment. I fell for that once before and they did more harm than good and made my back problems far worse with their mis diagnosis. They had me doing the wrong exercises and damned near killed me so can you wonder I am not overanxious to go back there especially as I wrote in to complain about them.

The photos are of Poppy, the dog from next door, who is only happy if she comes in at least once a day for a nosy around and a tummy tickle. Julie has tried planting shrubs and putting boards along the hedge but she still manages to burrow under every day. We will have no hedge left soon. I have told Julie that we should just put a gate in the fence as she is one determined doggie. This shows her finding the waste paper basket that Buster keeps his tennis balls in and tipping them all out. Not satisfied with all of those she tried her hardest to get a "ball" from underneath the sewing machine but as I kept telling her it's a round candle. I had to move it in the end and hide it.

Yesterday Deb was kind enough to give me a lift up the the Sunday Knit Out and we had a great time sitting chatting in the sunshine outside the Cafe. If only every Knit Out Sunday could be like that. When we are indoors we are more spread out and tend to split into groups but when we are outside we are grouped together around linking tables.We had quite a good turnout considering how glorious the weather was. I won't be going to the next Knit Out unless my knee behaves itself and I can get there on the bus as Deb is going to a concert. Let's hope this physio works wonders or my appointment with the specialist gives me hope as at the moment I fervently wish I had never let them touch my knee.


June said...

What a way to treat you, no wonder you feel angry about it. I hope you get better attention when you see the specialist again. This country is going downhill rapidly, it is quite frightening really. Good job we have our crochet to take our mind off it for a while.

Mad about Craft said...

It's such a shame you are having all these problems. I hope your knee starts behaving it'self soon.