Sunday, 7 June 2009

Crochet Bed Cape

I have now finished off the bed cape for the Knitting Noras raffles. It is made from some quite thick pink double knit that Sylvia donated. I have used an old Patons Cover-ups pattern 3005 which is probably well out of date by now. There are remarkable similarities to the All Shawl by Doris Chan at the start having the same segment type shaping. The edging is different though more ruffled. I had taken a close up of the ruffles and one of the ruffle spread out flat so that you can see how it is constructed. The bed cape is the bright pink of the first few photos and not the pale pink of the web cam ones.

I have almost finished an All Shawl in shades of brown. It is another stash buster shawl similar to the one I made for Lisa. I will photograph it tomorrow when it is completely finished and the tails sewn in. That is the worst part of using up odd balls. I am not a good sewer at the best of times so why I keep choosing to make things with loads of tails amazes me. Perhaps I like punishing myself ;)

I have had loads of favourable comments and e mails about the You Tube videos of the Knitting Noras that finished up on the cutting room floor. Everyone is very complimentary and say what a shame that we didn't make it to the programme.

Funnily enough there was an old programme repeat on Sky circa 2005 last night going into the spate of nude calendars that followed the famous WI original calendar. It was about the pitfalls and why some calendars were a huge success and some a failure. The opinion was that the more tongue in cheek and humorous the calendar was the more it appealed to everyone and not just a select few. I do hope that we get the balance right when ours is finished.

Poppy has just been for her daily visit and tummy rub. Next door's cat has been for his food and a sleep. Luckily they didn't arrive at the same time as Poppy thinks poor Oscar is fair game and chases him all around the house. He looks as though he has got scratched up in a cat fight so is feeling a bit sorry for himself today.

I have managed to get some washing dry before the rain started. I guess we are in for another day of drumming noise. I live nowhere near Heaton Park and yet I can hear the drums from Oasis and Kasabian. They sound like the Indian war drums in an old cowboy B movie from here. If I could actually hear the music it might not be so bad. I will be glad when they are gone though as we have had this all week. When it first started I was blaming the teenager next door until I saw him come back home and realised he had been out all the time this noise was going on.

Off to stitch in a few tails!


June said...

Very pretty Bed Cape, I can see there is a lot of work in those ruffles. I know it it a bit tiresome sewing in ends, but it is a good feeling to know that some of the spare yarn is being used up, to make room for more stash.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really like this cape. I just made one for my elderly mother for Mother's Day and wish I had seen this pattern. It's lovely -- what beautiful work you do!