Friday, 5 June 2009

Knitting Noras - Stars of You Tube

As you know the filming that The Knitting Noras did for the BBC programme Calendar Girls 10 yrs on finished up on the cutting room floor upsetting us all yesterday. Today, however, Bev got sent 2 versions of the Knitting Noras filming salvaged from the cutting room floor and now available for viewing on You Tube thanks to her husband Sal who put them on there for us.

I am putting the links on here but just in case you can't follow them then type in You Tube - then Bolton Knitting Noras and you will see Cutting room 1 and 2 alongside our previous videos if you haven't seen those.

Cutting Room Floor 1

Cutting Room Floor 2

Who is that woman with the flying crocheting fingers making a blue sweater? I think that you might know her. She has a real cheeky look in one of the shots. Shame we didn't make it to the TV but at least we are stars of You Tube.


Queen Belicious said...

You're all gorgeous! Esp you Jan. Your 'essence' is so present in those videos. I'm glad I got to see them all the way from the merry ol' land of Aus. xoxox

June said...

Really liked seeing you all on Youtube. I agree with Queen Belicious, you were all gorgeous.

ambermoggie said...

Wonderful Jan:) shame they didn't keep it in the BBC program

Knitting Nurd said...

Thank you for sharing the videos Jan...I loved them!!! Y'all are truly lovely!