Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bad News - We get told at the 11th hour that the BBC are not using any of the footage that they shot of the Knitting Noras

Yes it's true. Truenorth Productions who filmed the Knitting Noras, at great length, for the BBC rang Bev today to inform her that NONE of the footage that they shot for the BBC is to be included in tonight's programme about the Calendar Girls. The BBC have every right not to use our film, of course, but the fact that they left it until today to tell us when the programme is airing tonight is not playing the game in my eyes. They must have known ages ago that we were not being included and yet let us go ahead with newspaper and magazine promotional interviews saying that we would be in the TV programme and now we look foolish when we are not on the programme and it's now too late to inform them. Lots of people will now tune in tonight and wonder where we are. It makes it look like we have been telling lies to get more publicity and that is the most embarrassing thing.

After texting family and friends this morning to be sure to watch us and not Big Brother tonight I have now had to re text everyone and tell them that we are now not going to be on TV after all. At least the phone company will be happy with all the money that I have donated to them this morning! Bev has asked if we can have a DVD of our filming so at least we can put it on You Tube just to prove that we did actually take part in the filming. It would be nice to have proof that all of this was not just a figment of our imagination.

This is a set back to the calendar publicity that we could do without. It would be nice if Truenorth productions could salvage something from this and get the BBC North to put us in a news programme instead of it all just being a huge waste of licence payers money and all of the footage finishing up in the bin.

I am still plodding on with the crocheted bed cape. It takes ages to go around a row at the moment as it is so wide. I have included a photo of my own finished bed cape so that you can see what the pink one will look like once it is finished. I made it to use in hospital but never used it as I was in the one week last year when we had a heatwave. I have just noticed after I took the photo today that the buttons I put on it are lemon and not cream so I guess I will be button changing later today. I am not going to put buttons on the pink cape for the raffle. I think I will just put crocheted ties.

I had very little sleep last night again. I am hoping that these anti inflammatory tablets start to work soon.

Right I am of for a sulk about the Noras not being on the TV tonight. I hate Big Brother but I might watch it in protest about not being included in the BBC programme.


Queen Belicious said...

That is so bad that they only let you know today, especially after doing publicity and the whole shebang. may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of those responsible!!

(Massive hugs) and thanks for the comment on my blog.

xoxo Bel xoxo

Beansieleigh said...

What a disappointment.. So sorry to hear this. I'm with "Queen Belicious" above about the flea thing!.. Chin up! (0;