Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Knitting Noras Fund Raising Event

We held the first of the Knitting Noras Fund Raising events last night. Well what can I say except well done to everyone who took part. Deb kindly loaned the use of her lovely home and worked like a Trojan having a baking frenzy so that we all got royally fed and watered.

The idea was that we each contributed things for a raffle- mostly handmade items.Brought along craft books, wool and other items which would be swished. Noras also brought along some lovely raffle prizes. Swishing is the modern word for paying a price for things that members decided to part with and donate from their stash. One woman's left overs is another woman's dream. The photos I have taken don't do justice to everything that was on the tables at the end as I took my photos before everyone had arrived bearing gifts.

Deb and Jen had stitched up a storm with a selection of bags, draught excluders and pillows. Deb had also knitted some lovely i pod covers,a green rabbit, a necklace, chickens and key ring holders and also made birthday cards with knitted cupcake brooches attached. The crochet that I had done is well catalogued on my blog so I don't need to list them again. Julie made a few pairs of hand knitted socks which were so neatly knitted that I shall have to hide my feet the next time I knit a pair of socks.Anyone's handmade gifts that I have forgotten to mention it is an oversight so feel free ro remind me. I will post more tomorrow as there is too much to put into one post and no doubt I will think of things that I have forgotten to say today.

We had previously decided to put all the gifts on show and anything left unsold at the end of the evening would then be packed up and taken to the raffle and sale that Bev is organising at her work. Bev has already started fund raising and has been selling home made cake slices and has raised quite a bit of money with that.

I think that I can speak for everyone when I say we had a great fun time last night.We had fun with the raffle and Alice won the shawl that I had made. She had a choice of shawls and the rest will be going to Bev's raffle. I will post photos of the shawl she chose and some other items tomorrow. I will also reveal the total raised so far if everything has been totted up and money gathered in from various places and added together.

Today it is back to the real world. I am going to try to push on with crocheting the mermaid tail as I am waiting for the arrival of 2 more lots of wool to turn into shawls for a couple of the Noras. I also have a couple of baby jackets to knit so the fund total will continue to grow.

Bev is holding her sale/raffle at the end of June and Eadaoin is holding a book swishing soon and I am sure that we have not finished thinking up ideas to raise those pennies.

Well done to everyone and thanks for every ones contributions. Especially well done to Deb for organising and hosting the event and my personal thanks to Bev for the lift home. I had done a lot of trekking to and from hospital during the day so I was a bit knackered by the end of the day.


Cinders said...

I'm sorry I missed it. you all put so much effort in. I ead on the yahoo group this morning that a good sum of money was raised

ambermoggie said...

Wow what a great creative effort. Looking forward to seeing the calendar soon and all you Noras in it:)