Thursday, 25 June 2009

Not much knitting done today - phonecalls got in the way

Too many phone calls today. I don't mean the nice phone calls from friends which I am always glad to receive I mean the try to sort out what went wrong phone calls.

The postman brought me my bank statements this morning. They had also sent me one for an almost dormant savings account as they do from time to time and to my horror I discovered direct debits coming out of it to some insurance company. I rang the bank and they gave me the phone number for the company taking out the money. I rang them to be informed that my name was Mark blah de blah I was 23 yrs old and it was my car insurance and I must live at 55 blah de blah. I assured them that I was a female of advancing years who didn't own a car any more, who didn't know Mark, and was at the opposite end of the country from 55 blah de blah. Ah but he has given us this bank account number with Lloyds bank. I said well there is one mistake right away as I don't bank with Lloyds bank. You have the right account number but the wrong bank. They refused to stop the direct debit and refund my money and told me to get in touch with my bank.

I did so and I must say that the bank were immediately helpful especially since I was able to give them so much information about Mark. They stopped the direct debit and applied for my money to be refunded immediately which leaves poor Mark driving around now without his insurance. It's scary isn't it that they can take money from an account that has the same number but a different bank and a different name.You would think that alarm bells would have rung long before I had paid Mark's insurance for 2 months. I am just glad that the bank chose to send my statement today and not wait for a few months as they usually do with this account.

My brother called this afternoon and brought me a bottle of wine that was from my niece's wedding. Apparently they had some bottles left undrunk that they had ordered for the wedding meal so my niece wanted them distributing amongst the family.That was really nice of her to think of me.

I have made a name band for Woolfest in case anyone is in doubt that it is me. I have also made some initials that may get sewn onto my knitting bag for good measure. As I am not by nature a shy shrinking violet I don't mind wandering around looking like a right plonker. I am an individual, very chatty, larger than life blonde so why not celebrate the fact and announce my presence to the world ( well Woolfest's small world)?

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about the Drops circles jacket. It is a very easy project to crochet so anyone dithering, as I did for ages, whether to make one I would say if you like it then go ahead and make it. It is very easy pattern to make (is free online) and to size no matter what wool thickness you use as you just keep trying it on to make sure that the armholes are in the right place and the circle is large enough at the end.Mine is a bit on the smaller side for me if I am honest but I know of old that James C Brett's Marble yarn gives a lot in wear especially in such a lacy pattern so no doubt it will be a lot looser by the end of a day's wear.

The baby cardigan is stitched together now so I just have the front and neck bands to knit. Hopefully a photo tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to do some shopping and collect a mystery package from the post office that apparently they tried to deliver this morning with postage to pay on it. The postman must have knocked on the door with a wet sponge, as my dad used to say, as I was in and never heard a thing despite not having the TV or Radio on.

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Zu said...

Love the name band, very cute! :-)