Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Slow progress on the bedcape

The bed cape progress has slowed considerably as I am up to the part where the edge is quite full and frilly and so it takes quite a lot of time and wool to get across a row. It will be all worth it in the end. You will see as it progresses. I have spread the crochet stitches out in the last photo so that you can see just how it is done.

Today has been a quiet sort of day after the last hectic two days. I didn't get much sleep last night with my knee so am feeling rather droopy today. I think all the poking and prodding that the physiotherapist did yesterday plus all the walking gave my knee the galloping twinges all evening and night so every time I nodded off I got prodded awake with a pain in my kneecap. I am off to see the GP later this afternoon so I hope he gives me some stronger painkillers and some anti inflammatory pills.

The crochet prop for the calendar has hit a stop. I have fallen out of love with it temporarily. I have done just over a half of the finished length but as it has been so warm these last few days I didn't want to wear a warm lap rug as I am crocheting. Plus my fingers got so hot and sweaty that I was sticking to the slightly fluffy wool. Short of sitting crocheting at the dining room table with the fan on I can't think of any other way of keeping the heat off my lap.That would OK in the day time but I do like to watch the TV in the evenings. Today is much cooler so maybe I can get some more done tonight.

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June said...

One of my favourite colours, a very pretty pink. somebody is sure to love it and feel lucky if they win that in a raffle.