Friday, 26 June 2009

Getting ready for Woolfest

Only one more sleep until Woolfest. I know it is already open today but I won't be there until tomorrow. I am going along with my fellow Knitting Noras and as this is my first visit I am quite excited and I hope that the day stays fine for us.

Today I have pinned my name initials on my hessian Tesco bag which will hold my butties, drinks, camera and of course a bit of crochet to work on if I get any spare minutes in the day, I feel like a kid going on a school trip. I have made my check list, ironed my top, polished my shoes so that everything is ready for the morning. I am not the brightest star when I first wake up so want everything to be there ready to pick up without having to scrabble around packing at the last minute.

I had to go to Tesco for some bread so I managed to pick up some sandwiches with tomorrow's date on them that weren't on that disgusting malted bread. Why do Tesco insist that we want malted bread? It doesn't matter what fillings are in the sandwiches as the strong taste of the bread swamps out any flavour the sandwich might have. Does anyone actually like malted bread or have we all been brainwashed into thinking it is good for us so therefore me must eat it? What is wrong with a bit of Wholemeal or Oatmeal bread? I have got a container of prepared fresh fruit so I must remember to pack a spoon otherwise I will have baby high chair manners and a dribbly chin when I eat it. I have a small pack of wet wipes just in case.

I have managed to finish off the last front band on the baby cardigan for Sylvia. I have one more cardigan to go but I am not starting it on the coach as I use long knitting needles and am at risk of poking my seat companion's eye out if we go over a bump. Safer to stick with a crochet hook methinks. Memo to self - do a sample piece tonight to check tension before packing wool, pattern and hook.

I hope to take plenty of photos so expect a plethora of sheep and alpaca in various poses tomorrow.


Knitting Nurd said...

Oooooohhhhh, I can't wait to see your pics, Jan!!! Have a wonderful time!
I thought "sandwiches" in England were always called "sarnies"? Or am I confusing the two? lol

June said...

Have a wonderful time at Woolfest tomorrow Jan. Looking forward to lots of pics afterwards.

Zu said...

Award on my blog for you my dear!

Hope you have a great time at the woolfest tomorrow!

Mad about Craft said...

I wish I could come. Think about me while I sleep, I'm on nights!