Monday, 15 June 2009

A Glimpse of me on TV again

Tonight the Kings Arms Salford knitters were featured on BBC 1 North West Tonight. They had filmed the knitters a couple of months ago but they only aired it tonight. They interviewed Rachael, Jane with her plarn (plastic bags cut into strips to make yarn for knitting bags) Marie and Roger with his crocheting. I did catch a very brief glimpse of myself and Charlie as the camera panned around the room. The Knitted chandelier also featured in the programme. The photos on here are old photos taken at the Kings some time ago.

Today I met up with Sylvia and Kath in Manchester. We went into Abakhan but I was very restrained and only came away with a crochet pattern. Sylvia and Kath bought a selection of wool. We had a lovely meal in Simple on Tib Street. It always makes a lovely change for me to get out and about but my knee lets me down and really pains me. I am so fed up of not being able to walk properly and wanting to sit down all of the time. I have an appointment with the physio tomorrow. I have been doing the exercises that she gave me but if anything my knee is worse than it was before I started doing them. I might be strengthening the leg muscles but they are doing nothing for the pain. Today it was as painful as it has ever been. I had hoped that by now the pain would be diminishing.

I still haven't done much crochet or knitting. Yesterday Julie helped me out by mowing my lawn and I did a pile of ironing. I was shattered later on and fell asleep watching the TV. I am getting so little sleep during the night that it is affecting me in the evenings. I just can't seem to keep awake. I managed to do a few rows of a baby cardigan at Knit Club tonight but nothing that I could photograph. I doubt if I will get much done tomorrow as I will be at the hospital for some of the day.

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