Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Yet another Sweet Pea shawl

I think I can now make the Sweet Pea shawl from the Happy Hooker Stitch and Bitch book without the pattern. I have made quite a few of them now. I made this one with some of the bargain spearmint pink yarn that I bought from Bury market last week. I am making another hat and scarf with the rest of the yarn.

I had to go to the hospital today. Not my back this time but to see about my blocked salivary glands. I had to wait so long in the waiting room that I completed a quarter of the scarf - OK it's not a wide scarf but I kept the patients amused as they watched me crochet. several people asked me what I was making as though they could not quite believe that I was turning this candy floss pink into anything wearable!

I had a bit of a shock whilst in the waiting area. A guy who has asked me out when I worked at the Jobcentre was there with his wife! he was supposed to be single when he asked me out. I doubt if he has got married in the couple of years since I left the Jobcentre as she was wearing a well worn wedding ring and they had the air of a long term married couple. You can always tell. He reads the paper and nods when she chats to him now and again.

He, of course apart from a double take when he saw me, completely blanked me. I didn't say anything to him as I am not one to upset any apple carts.

I was lucky enough to get a lift from Charlie to the Kings Arms Knit Out last night so was able to take the things that I had made for the raffle. I photographed them all together before I packed them into the bag. The willy warmer caused great amusement in the pub. This is what I had hoped for. I made it as something to catch the eye and hopefully attract more people to buy raffle tickets. We had quite a few members there last night. I was given a set of long double pointed needles from Kath and Sylvia. I now have 5 sets in different sizes and so I can use them to make something from the Fitted Knitted's book.

I have had an e mail from Vicky with the pattern for the premature baby blankets. Vicky is organising a Knit Out at her house in aid of National Knitting Week 12th - 19th October and their chosen charity is Bliss for premature babies. I will search in my stash for some colours. Anything but pink. I am getting a little tired of pink :)


June said...

Lovely shawl, it looks pretty in pink. Isn't it funny how people react when crocheting in public. Some are amazed at how quick we hook and they always seem to want to know what it will be when it is finished. You had a narrow escape with the bloke who asked you out, even though he was married. Saved yourself a lot of agro.

Mad about Craft said...

It just goes to show - that things can come back to haunt you!