Thursday, 23 October 2008

Trip to Bolton market

I decided to have a trip to Bolton market today. One of my fellow Ravelry members had decided to bring her wool stall to Bolton. As she normally stands Chorley market which is a little too far for me to travel I took the opportunity to visit her at Bolton.

She had lots of bargains on her stall. A lot of them were out of bounds to me as I am one of those peculiar people who finds it really hard to wear anything pure wool or with a high wool content - unless it is on my feet. I come out in a red rash and itch. I came away with a bargain of Patons Zhivago for 60p ball in my favourite colour despite my promising that I wouldn't buy anything else for my stash. I had gone up for some sock wool but I didn't think that my brother would appreciate the bright rainbow colours of Noro for a pair. He is in his 70's and quite conservative. Janet has some St Ives sock wool in dark colours and will bring me some for next week.

I met up with Sylvia and Kath whilst at the stall and heard from Janet that a couple of the Noras knitting group had also paid the stall a visit. If you want to see Designer knitting yarns DKY and can't get to either market stall then click on my blog title and it will take you to her website. Janet also does mail order so you could still see her stock and find a bargain or two online.

I got very wet whilst in Bolton as the rain was quite heavy. I managed to crochet 2 small squares and start a third on my trips on the bus and the tram. It was a 2hr round trip plus waits for bus and tram. At least I kept one small child amused on one of the journeys. I got some fresh fish from the market and a turkey leg which is roasting in my oven as I type. I have just rescued my washing from the line as that is also rather wet.

On the way home from the metro I finally got my prescription for my painkillers and guess what - the GP has given me a double amount. Made me smile. One minute they must think I am in danger of overdosing myself so won't prescribe because I had 10 tablets left from my last prescription and the next minute they give me a double amount.


ree said...

Patons Zhivago is a gorgeous wool and how could you resist that colour!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful color! You really have an eye for it.

I'm so glad you got your pain meds. For years I had doctors telling me that it was too bad about the pain but there was nothing they could do for it. Then I found a doctor who would treat my pain. She always gives me more than I need which I love because my other doctor gives me less than I need and I tend to hoard them.

Living with pain is exhausting. It takes the life out of you.