Sunday, 19 October 2008

Great afternoon of knitting at Vicky's house

I spent a great afternoon knitting (or in my case crocheting) with friends at Vicky's house. Vicky had kindly offered us the use of her house for a Bliss baby blanket knitting session and a raffle in aid of the Bliss charity. I finished off Sarah's hat to match the shawl I finished earlier and I gave her the shawl and all of the hats and I think she liked them. She has had one lot of chemo and it gave her a rash.

I was fortunate enough to get offered a lift up to Vicky's but in the last minute packing of my things in the bag I forgot my purse. How embarrassing. I will have to make my donations to Bliss when I see Vicky the next time. Luckily I got a lift home as my bus pass was in the left at home purse.

The hat is made from the leftover wool from Sarah's shawl. I decided to make her a matching hat. I finished it off at Vicky's and so left the placement and stitching of the flowers to Sarah. She can either stitch them both on one side of the hat or one over each ear and look like something out of Star wars. Click on the blog title to get the free crochet pattern for the hat but the flowers are my own addition to add a bit of trim. If that link does not work then try

I took up a couple of prem baby blankets for the appeal but I will try to make some more before the deadline of the end of the month.

Gretchen brought her spinning wheel and had us all spellbound watching the wheel turn. She was spinning some roving that she had dyed at the workshop held at Touchstones by Debbie Tomkies in Rochdale yesterday. Kath brought her drop spindle and is doing very well considering she has only had it for a short time. Debbie Tomkies also came to knit with us.

I came home to be greeted by two of my neighbours children who wanted to donate the ladybird to the raffle for Breast Cancer at the Kings on Friday. I have sent a photo to Rachael to see if she wants it. They won it at a raffle and I think they consider themselves to be too old for a stuffed ladybird. Unfortunately they were swinging it down he street by it's antennae - boys will be boys - and so the ladybird now needs a stitch or two to stop his antennae waggling.

I fed my squirrel today but he would not pose for a photo. Look really hard in the plant pot and you will see his tail as he dives in the little white pot to get some nuts that I put out for him.

Thank goodness my dinner is already made. I made a thick soup/stew with the chicken carcass and vegetables yesterday and there is plenty left over for my dinner tonight. My bedding is washed but still wet in the washing machine so I think I wil go mad and use my dryer as I really hate wet bedding draped about the house. Clothes I can put up with - but not bedding.


ambermoggie said...

Glad you had a good day Jan and I'm sorry I missed it. Been sitting all day as it is too painful to walk or stand

Christy said...

Is that hat your own pattern? I really like it!