Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Busy fingers from now until Christmas

My niece is off work this week for half term so she has been busy shopping for wool for the family for Christmas. The grey is destined for her sister's long aran cardigan. The red is for Cinnabar for herself, The black for Auntie Claire's shawl and the blue and orange for some Moroccan style slippers. I will certainly be kept busy from now until Christmas.

My niece also got some T shirts for baby Charlie as I have been invited to his christening on Sunday and wanted a bit of a present to take with me. I asked her to get them for me as I didn't know which size to buy for him.

I am hoping to finish off the half finished premature cot blanket to go with the other two in the photo. I will give them to Vicky tomorrow as she is collecting blankets for Bliss Charity which is the charity nominated by National Knitting Week. I have already given her two to post off for Bliss. The Noras also raised about £40 from Vicky's Knit In at her house last week. Well done everyone.

The Breast Cancer charity night at the Kings has raised approx £400 but I haven't got the exact amount as yet. Well done everyone there as well.

I had a lovely surprise phone call last night from my eldest great grand daughter. She was telling me that she had used her 3rd birthday money from me (along with some other birthday money) and she had bought Baby Annabel and she cries. Her little sister wanted to chat and her speech is really clear for one so young. She is only 18 months old. I will try to see that Father Christmas brings some clothes for baby Annabel.

Tomorrow I am going back up to see Janet from DKY at Bolton Market to collect some sock wool. Something else to finish off before Christmas. Has anyone got any matchsticks for my eyes? I am going with Vicky and hopefully meeting up with Sylvia and possibly Kath for a coffee.

I had better rediscover my knitting and crochet mojo PDQ )pretty damn quick) as I have so much to do before Christmas. Off for a strong coffee to give me a bit of caffeine.

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Christy said...

I'm glad you guys had better luck than I on the Breast Cancer fund raising. I guess I'm total bollocks at it. =( Oh, well. Looking at all that yarn, I'm jealous.