Monday, 20 October 2008

Well done the Bolton Knitting Noras

I just had an e mail from Vicky saying that the Knit In that she organised yesterday for the Knitting Noras National Knitting Week Knit In has raised £46 so far for the Bliss premature baby charity. She is hoping that it will reach £50 before she sends the money off. I still owe for my contribution towards the cakes and coffee as I forgot my purse yesterday so that will help to get it nearer to the amount. The knitting group is also making some premature baby blankets to send along with the money that we raised. Well done the Noras. Get those needles clicking and let's try to make some more blankets before the end of the month. I hope to make another couple but mine will be crocheted.

My books arrived today. I won't be making many from the shawl book as a lot of them are in circle motifs linked together. That is the one thing that I really don't like crocheting. Crocheted squares I will do but circles no. I suppose everyone has something they really don't like making. Mine is crocheted circles that I have to link together as I am crocheting and knitted squares. I don't know about making the loopy shawl but the black lacy and the aran style stoles are a possibility.

The other book is one that I have meant to read for a long time having met Paula Grieg many years ago. I tried to buy it at the time she wrote it and couldn't find it anywhere and forgot all about it until just recently. I discovered it for sale on Borders site when I ordered the shawl book.

I am transforming the loadsaballs that came from unravelling the DROPS circles bolero and am attempting to make the Mei Mei bolero for Vicky from Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet book. I say attempting as I am conscious of my rapidly depleting balls and I still have the front shaping to finish and the borders still to make.

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