Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Another pink hat and scarf

I think I have done my last pink hat and scarf set for the raffle. I am still using up the bag of spearmint pink wool that I got from Bury market last week. Once all of the raffle items are finished I don't think I want to see any more pink for a while. This hat and scarf has bright pink mohair trim and a crochet flower.

Today I went to Bury market and bought a pack of pink, random for a change, double knit for £5.99. I forgot to buy some aran wool for the curly wurly crochet scarf pattern that Sylvia so kindly got for me from a trip to Stockport. It will be such a hardship to have to go back to the market next week ;) I can always justify it by saying I need some more fish from the market. I got a lovely piece of Salmon for £1 and some Whiting for £1.50p. I also got a piece of Chinese style Pork steak for £1 which I have put in the freezer for later.

Yesterday I got a bargain from my local charity shop 5 x 50 grams green brushed chunky for £3. It's very rare that I manage to see any wool in my local charity shops so I always grab it when I see it. I have no idea what I will use it for but I am sure I will decide soon.

The doctor has put me on Glucosemene tablets and Naproxen tablets. I am not sure which one of these is working but my knee is much better today (3rd day of taking the pills) and I can bend it a lot more as the swelling has gone down a bit. My son put Buster on Glucosemene and he has been leaping around like a puppy and swimming in the ponds with my son's 9 month old Rottweiler. I hope that I don't start diving into any pools or chasing any dogs now I am on the same pills!

I have started knitting a premature baby blanket in the remnants of the bargain pink wool. Knitting seems so slow to me as I am a crocheter at heart but I suppose knitting is better for tiny little fingers. The danger with crochet is that prem babies might get their little fingers stuck in one of the crochet stitches as they are looser than knitting. I will try and make a couple more as it is for the Bliss charity that I mentioned yesterday.

The weather is nice and sunny today and I have washing on the line. I really should rake up the rest of those holly branches and leaves but I think a cup of coffee and a bit of blanket knitting whilst watching 60 minute makeover is what I will actually do next.

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