Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Granny square shawl finished

Vicky's granny square shawl is finished. Well finished is perhaps the wrong word to use as you can see from the last photo. There is still the spaghetti mess of tail ends to stitch in. I am hoping that Vicky will volunteer to stitch them in herself as the one thing I am bad at is sewing ends in. On my shawl I find new tails poking out every time I put it on. I think I stitch them in well run them in and out and up and down and yet still they wriggle out and poke out of the squares. I guess I missed the lesson on stitching up somewhere in my youth. I think that is why I now like Doris Chan designs - so little to stitch up when finished.

I didn't go out today as I had to wait in for a telephone consultation one of my GP's. Yesterday when I checked the contents of my prescription bag the painkillers were missing. I checked with the pharmacy who said there were none on the prescription. I rang the surgery to be told that I had ordered them too soon so the doctor refused to issue them. I tried to explain that yes I wasn't due them on the Friday when I ordered them but due to their 48 hour policy for repeats it meant that I could not collect them until Tuesday after 2pm (they don't count Sat and Sun as days as they are closed) which to me means 4 days after I ordered them so by then I would not be receiving them too soon. They tried to tell me they consider the date to be when they are ordered and signed and not the date that they are collected. I said well in that case why could I not get them until Tuesday if it was signed? Surely you should consider the date to be the issue date and not the date ordered. Anyway they would not issue me with another prescription today until I had spoken to the GP who said "I don't see what the problem is - why did they not issue you with a prescription. What you are saying seems valid to me. Come back and I will sign one for you now" Grrrr

I bet the GP who refused to issue me a prescription has never had spinal surgery. I am now on a lot less strength painkillers and am reducing the daily amount I take. I said to the GP if I was going to overdose myself surely I would have done it when I was in chronic pain, depressed and on very strong drugs and not now when my life is going well and I am confident of eventual surgery success.

I am hoping to get up to Bolton market tomorrow to find the wool stall that is usually on Chorley market. I need to get some man colours for socks for Christmas. I must resolve not to be tempted by anything other than what I need as I already have so much in stash and the next couple of things I have to make are knitted garments for my niece once the wool arrives. I doubt if I will have any time to make anything for myself between now and Christmas.


Mad about Craft said...

The policy on pain killers drives me mad too. It's costing me a fortune as I can onlt get 100 tablets at a time but I need 168 tablets for a month. I seem to be always getting prescriptions. Like you say - Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Crobbles said...

Woo Hoo! The shawl looks fabulous.... I'm happy to sew in the ends. I see it as a 'zen' thing. It always feels much easier when someone else has done the crochet too :-)

June said...

Another gorgeous shawl, well worth sewing in all the ends. Lovely colour combination too Jan.

June said...
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