Thursday, 9 October 2008

Gimme my crochet hook back!

I have knitted a small premature baby blanket using the pattern (click the title) with 4mm needles and 100 grams double knit. I have used acrylic as these baby blankets usually get thrown in the washer and pure wool wouldn't stand up to the punishment of a hot wash plus I read somewhere that some babies are allergic to wool. I know acrylic has a bad press with people saying it can melt and burn etc but quite frankly I would hope that premature babies are under constant surveillance and that prospect is highly unlikely.

The knitted blanket took me 2 nights and one afternoon to make and it is only 15" square. I do knit, but my first love is crochet. Today I picked a crochet stitch that I thought would not snag on tiny fingers and in one hour I had made approx one third of a blanket. That is more my kind of pace. There are some things that I prefer to be knitted - socks and arans etc but I relax more when crocheting. I think the rest of my blankets will be crocheted.

These blankets are destined for Bliss the charity nominated by the National Knitting Week (12th-19th Oct) and Vicky from the Knitting Noras of Bolton is organising a knit in, with donations for nibbles and drinks at her place, so I am going to try to make a few more blankets for this event.

The DROPS bolero is no more. I now have a pile of small balls which I am hoping to turn into something more wearable for Vicky. The bolero came out huge despite my making the smallest size on a smaller hook. I had not read the small print that said small = 42" bust! Needless to say as it was too big for me it absolutely swamped Vicky. I just hope I have enough to make something else. There is such a lot of waste when crocheting with small balls.

I did a bit more in the garden today. I have filled the wheelie bin again. The bin men will love me but as Bury council haven't provided me with a garden rubbish bin and I no longer have a car to take anything to the tip then the normal bin has to suffice. I have picked up all the small branches from the holly tree but I still have about 2 buckets full of leaves still on the lawn. I have learned to stop when my back starts to twinge. Tomorrow is another day (if it doesn't rain)

I am going to watch Midsommer Murders on TV now and finish off my baby blanket. My knee is getting better day by day and so I might actually get around to finishing off Vicky's shawl tonight. I will bring my blocking boards back downstairs again. I pinned the squares onto them just before I injured my knee and they have stayed there ever since.


Kathy said...

I'm so glad your knee is improving.

And I love the crocheted blanket. I prefer knitting in garments but crocheting in blankets. In fact, you're inspiring me to use up my tons of baby sport weight yarn by crocheting a blanket.

Can you recommend any patterns out there on the internet?

June said...

I am like you and prefer crochet to knitting. I have just got back from Alexandra Palace in London where there was a Knitting and Stitching Show. There were lots of knitting patterns and magazines, but nothing for crochet. I did ask why they didn't produce a crochet magazine and they said that they would mention it to the editor.