Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Fungi on the lawn

Not much to report yet again today except that I am freezing. The heating is on so I don't know why I feel so cold. The cars in the street all had ice on them this morning. I was up extra early as I woke with cramp in my right calf. I never used to have much sympathy for my ex when he got it and was hopping around the bedroom. I used to find it rather funny. The laugh is on me now as I keep waking up with it and it's really painful.

My fungi have reappeared on the lawn. I hesitate to call them mushrooms as I have no idea what they are. Someone once told me that they weren't poisonous but if Buster was here I would move them just in case. One looks like something has taken a nibble out of it. Perhaps my squirrel? I must put some nuts out today for the squirrel as it is so cold.

My crocheting hasn't progressed. I do this from time to time. Slow down and don't do anything for a couple of days and then resume the pace again a few days later. I don't push myself anymore as I know my crochet mojo will return again soon. It might even be today - who knows. I just hope that I don't get another of these lay off spells when I am in the midst of my Christmas projects.

Time for a cup of hot coffee I think - now where are my thick socks as my tootsies are cold!


June said...

Oh! poor you feeling so cold. It is nice and sunny down here in the South and I wish I could send some of it up to you.

Zuleika said...

Funny lookin mushrooms/fungus. There were a lot of mushrooms popping up around here last month.