Thursday, 2 October 2008

I hate sewing up all the ends

This is the downside to crocheting granny squares in multi colours. It's a great stash buster but a nightmare to stitch all the tails in!

I have managed to crochet half of one shawl together. I still have Vicky's to do. My usual method is to lay all the squares out in colour order on the floor and then crochet then together in situ. Since my back operation and subsequent knee injury the floor is one place that I don't explore too often so I have been trying to juggle using the table (round and too small) and blocking boards (too bendy to stand upright) I will get there in the end never fear. Today I guess I will be doing a lot of sewing whilst watching TV.

My Internet was off most of this morning so I am taking the opportunity to post on here whilst I still have got a connection. I will catch up on my blog reading another day. Orange insists that it is not their problem but a fault with my phone line. An BT engineer told me that I have very old cabling on an extremely ancient pole and so water from all this heavy rain could be seeping into the cables and causing intermittent faults. He said to keep complaining to BT and eventually they will come and do something about it. The telephone pole has been leaning at a dangerous angle since we moved in the house 40yrs ago. Every time there is a storm I keep thinking I will wake up and it will have fallen down the street. As all the neighbours keep complaining about this pole and the reception and have done so over many years I don't hold out any hopes for a new pole anytime soon.

The water pipes are the same. When they came to fit my water meter yesterday they discovered that most of the pipes (except those in my house) are still lead. When we moved into the house we got told that the street was due for a complete pipe overhaul. I guess that will come at the same time as the new telephone pole. I think I live in a complete backwater. I can only get satellite TV and not cable TV as there are no cables in this area either. I suppose I should be thankful I am attached to the mains with the gas, electric, water and sewers.

Last night I used up the last of the 200 grams of brushed pink double knit. The yarn was never ending. I have managed to make the hat and scarf that I posted yesterday and this hat and neck warmer which I crocheted in doubled yarn so the raffle got 2 sets for the price of 1. I have no idea whose yarn it is as it is from a donation from Freecycle given when I was crocheting for the prem baby unit. I didn't use it then as I was a bit dubious about fluff near a prem baby so I am glad to be able to use it for another charity as that was the agreement when it was donated.

The pattern is my own but there is a neck warmer very similar as a free pattern on the DROPS Garnstudio site. I have posted the link if you click on my blog title. Their version comes with a natty beret instead of the cloche style hat that I have made.

The sun is trying to shine today. Pity I don't have any washing to hang out. At the weekend when my bedding is due a change it will probably be raining yet again. Such is life! Well life in Manchester this year.

Right - off to watch Loose Women and sew in some of the ends.

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Mad about Craft said...

That's a lot of ends!!!!!

You will probably in the house another 40 years before these things are replaced!!! These companies seem to keep finding other things to spend their money on!