Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wow mum my favourite toy !

I got the hoover out to get all the dog hair off Kath's cardigan. I had crept upstairs to use the attachment on the upstairs hoover. No I am not posh I can't carry hoovers up and down stairs to I have one up and one down.

As soon as the hoover came out I had a very excited Buster running up and down brushing up against the cardigan wagging his tail shaking his hair all over the cardigan. Argghh. I have a strange dog who absolutely LOVES to be hoovered. It's his favourite toy. I gave in and hoovered him. I figured the less on him the less on the cardigan. Hah! he waited until I had hoovered it, sticky rolled it, sellotaped it and was almost satisfied with it. He then jumped up on the bed and had a really good shake - yep - all over the cardigan. I wouldn't mind but he had that look on his face that said - Aren't I a clever dog mum?

I banished him and started all over again and then discovered that one cuff was stitched on backwards. Boy I didn't have a good stitching up day yesterday. I have rectified it and now the cardigan is safely de haired and stashed in a plastic bag never to be taken out until it reaches it's destination.


By the way sellotaping it means wrapping sticjy tape around my hand sticky side outwards and it works great on lint and Buster hair grabbing.


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