Saturday, 26 April 2008

No substitute for elbow grease

No matter how hard I try I cannot keep Buster from putting dirty paw prints on things. I wash and dry his feet and under carriage after walks and brush him regularly I even hoover him with the attachment (don't worry it's not an instrument of torture he actually loves it and runs to me every time I turn the hoover on) Despite all of this he gets mud and hairs everywhere. Today I took off my bed throw to wash it and discovered amongst the flowers big dirty paw prints. I put it in the washer with its washing powder and a scoop of this magic wonder stuff that is supposed to take ALL stains out (well it does when the lady shows it on the TV advert so we all know that it must be true! ). The throw came out still decorated with mud. Nothing else for it but my mum's remedy. Green Fairy soap in a block and a big scrubbing brush. Not an easy task man (woman?) handling it over the draining board to scrub away but I managed it in the end. After yet another cycle in the washer the throw is once again cream and clean. Elbow grease triumphs over technology once again!

I have been beavering away on secret projects so there are no crochet photos today. After Sunday my blog will be awash with them! Today however I am taking advantage of the sun and washing everything in sight as well as hoovering etc. I should clean the windows as well but I don't think my energy levels are running that high. I will see how I feel after walking the dog. The upstairs is done but as any visitors don't usually see the upstairs I had better make a start on the downstairs.

Gone are the days when a good weekly clean would suffice. Pre dog and pre retirement the house used to behave itself and stay reasonably clean all week. Now I am home and a dog owner those days are gone. I hoover daily and the amount of hair and dirt in the bag shock me on a daily basis. Where does it all come from. Do the dirt fairies come and sprinkle bags of dirt as I sleep? My washer never stops. I wash suite throws and cushions on an almost daily basis. I use as much washing powder now as I used to when we were a family and I had my motor biking son living here.

Off to peg out the bedding now. Buster loves to help me with this as you can see from the photo ! I love to see clean sheets blowing on the line. Takes me back to my nappy washing days. Say what you like but there is nothing like the feeling of a line of snow white nappies blowing in the breeze to make you feel maternal. My nappies were threadbare by the time he was trained but still snowy white! Boiled to death. He never had a sore bottom once though despite them not being washed in all this special washing powder for babies malarkey. I had a twin tub washer in those days and they were rinsed and rinsed so no soap left in them. They came out almost bone dry from the super fast spinner.

Sometimes I wish I still had a twin tub. It was great for things that only needed a swish and not a full wash. Took minutes to wash things - washer filled in moments with hot hot water from the tap. Great for hand washing also. A big drum full of water is much better for a sweater than a piddly little sink. Now washing may be automatic but it takes forever (not to mention how much electricity it uses) to wash a few smalls. I still wash a lot of things by hand especially in the summer.

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ambermoggie said...

oh I miss my twin tub also Jan, far better for quick washes. These eco washes take twice as long don't they? Look forward to seeing the secret projects:)