Sunday, 20 April 2008

Patterns from 1976

Guess who was rummaging through the old patterns in the loft? Hey they don't make patterns like this anymore although in most cases it's probably just as well. My eyes were immediately drawn to the purple mohair cape. What an entrance I would make wearing that but I doubt if it would fit my life style of dog walking and trips to Tesco these days. The long dress drew my eye as of course it was in purple. Maybe I could use it as a wool nightie? The Peruvian style poncho is a must for any ageing hippie's wardrobe and how can you resist the helmet? I have actually knitted and crocheted several similar ones very recently so I guess I must still have my hippie tendencies.

I shall bear in mind the wedding dresses if I ever marry for a second time but I hope the groom will give me a lot of time as they are crocheted in 2ply! As the would be groom is still a figment of my imagination then I certainly have got years to do it in.

I found the pattern that I was looking for - a cravat pattern scribbled on a piece of paper by an elderly lady about 30yrs ago so watch this blog as it may be appearing anytime soon. I rarely throw patterns away as Vicky can testify having seen a fraction of them when she visited and can usually unearth something somewhere from my stash to suit most occasions. Nothing changes much and with a little tweaking they can look bang up to date. Some patterns are so old they have come right back into style.

I did a little more crochet on Anna's soakers last night and they are an extremely strange shape. The bottom is more of a shelf shape but maybe they will look better on Anna than off! I certainly hope so otherwise they will go rippppppp anytime soon.

I am off to walk Buster. I have waited in vain for the rain to stop so I will have to don my waterproofs and wellies and brave the rain. He wants a walk no matter what the weather is doing. I am so not looking forward to this bit!

My niece has just texted me to say she is wearing her Doris Chan Tall Latte today and has received a compliment whilst shopping in Manchester. It does fit well though and is really flattering so I can see myself making more from the book even though it wasn't the best of experiences.


June said...

What memories those old patterns conjured up. I remember wearing a crocheted jacket and skirt that my mother made for me. The pattern was modelled by Twiggy and it was the height of fashion at the time.
Good luck with your next Doris Chan sweater. I have still not plucked up the courage to try one yet.

Mad about Craft said...

I think the purple number could be just thing when we are old ladies wearing purple as in the poem.
'When I am an old women, I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn't go......'

Mattenylou said...

I, too, have a collection of old patterns that I can't seem to dispose of. I've 3 or 4 cartons hidden around the house that contain almost every magazine on knit and crochet I've purchased in my life, along with Aunt Eleanor's collection and Mrs. N's, and several others that their children passed on to me... Every few years I haul a carton out from the back of a closet and go thru them. I look at the stitch pattern, thinking how I could make a nice afghan with that wedding dress pattern, or new bedroom curtains from your purple dress pattern... Then I make another scarf.. and toss the whole mess back in the closet.. I can't seem to throw them away, even tho it seems I find most of my patterns on the internet now. How can I part with these boxes, I've held on to them so long? I love coming to visit with you every morning. Give Buster a hug, too!