Monday, 7 April 2008

Good news and scary news

I had to go to the hospital today for my pre-op tests. The good news is that in between all the poking, prodding, X-Rays and blood tests I managed to finish the first Tiger sock that has been on the needles since time immemorial. I hope the second sock doesn't take as long! The needles are US1 and whilst the look is fine and tailored it seems to take a lot of knitting to grow an inch. Kath's cardigan is almost sewn together as you can see. I need to finish off the pockets and attach the belt before blocking out. I will probably rinse it through to try to detach Buster's hair which seems to be interwoven in the crochet.
The scary news is the detailed description of what the operation entails. Having it explained in graphic detail is somewhat scary. More scary is the information that due to my sleep apnoea I will have to be in intensive care post op as I need one to one nursing because the morphine they will have to give me will make me drowsy most of the time. I think this is one of the reasons they are a bit scared of doing the op. Frightened that I might peg out on them possibly and ruin their operation results. Plus the fact that I will have to be lying on my front (visitors will see my better side!) means I can't even knit or crochet to take my mind off the pain. Even more scary is that they have told me that it is a 12 months recuperation and for the first 3 months I am not allowed to push a hoover, carry shopping or lift anything remotely heavy as it might undo all the work. Any visitors will be politely asked if they will shove the hoover around for me. I am more worried about the dog hair than anything.
The theatre sister asked who was going to look after me, make me meals and drinks etc. when I first go home. I shall just have to stock up on ready meals as apart from the first week or so I shall be left to my own devices. I have arranged for a dog walker for Buster. Sounds like I shall be doing a lot of sitting on my bum knitting and crocheting for a while. In the old days I would have been in hospital for quite a while but nowadays its 5 days stay and recuperate at home.
I hope to be going to the Salford Kings Arms knitting club tonight and am waiting for confirmation of a lift. I drove to the hospital today and my back is protesting. I think I shall get rid of the car, or take it off the road, as I probably will not be able to drive it for a while after the op anyway. It has a slow puncture anyway and I am always having to pump up the tyre. I will have to ask Ian to change the tyre next time he comes to see me.
Bit of a gloomy post today. I will be back to normal tomorrow. I still have the booklet to read detailing what to expect during and after the op but I can't face reading it today. Not exactly good bedtime reading is it?


ambermoggie said...

oh Jan wished I lived nearer I'd be very glad to help. The socks are lovely BTW:)
sending hugs

Mad about Craft said...

I echo Ambermoggie's sentiment, I wish I lived just around the corner to be able to pop in and push the hoover around for you.

I don't want to be a Job's comforter but I suspect you will be advised to lie or stand, not to sit for too long so you may become a expert laying down crocheter. Your DVD player may also become your best friend.

Crobbles said...

I'll be over. House work isn't my favourite thing but I do enjoy shopping.

That sock looks great.