Monday, 28 April 2008

Rainbow hat for a rainy day

This is a rainbow hat I made for Lisa. We had been discussing how she likes hats - the sillier the better and so I decided to make her this hat as a surprise. When I got to the Knit Out on Sunday it was me who got the surprise because Lisa turned up wearing a striped jacket that was almost a match to the hat and neither of us did it knowingly. She very sportingly wore it all through the Knit Out so if anyone was passing the cafe and saw a lady in the window wearing this hat then it was all my fault! I don't think she sallied forth wearing it on her way home but who knows! The bottom photo has the truest colours to the hat by the way. My web cam muted the photo with the hat on my head.

Vicky gave me a lovely heart made from amethyst quartz to keep with my other crystals and to accompany me to hospital for my health and well being. My heart came in a lovely little purple bag so that don't lose it. Yeah for purple. I rang the hospital today and spoke to the Surgical Care Practitioner but she could not tell me if I am on the list for May. She said that she would let me know so fingers crossed that she remembers to do that and the letter arrives very soon.

I went out today to Biobank in Bury to take part in some medical tests for research. In the words of Tony Hancock I donated another armful of blood. They asked me so many questions that I was unable to answer. The dates of all my operations etc. I sort of knew how old I was roughly when they happened but who keeps exact dates in their diary? Do people celebrate the 10th anniversary of their tonsillectomy? Go out to dinner to celebrate the date that their broken nose got fixed? I had tests on the PC to test my reflexes and a grilling on my life style. I had my cholesterol done and it was a bit high and my weight was of course too high for my size. Sigh! The column next to weight had severely overweight ticked. At least it's better than the morbidly obese tag I got from the hospital a couple of years ago. I know I am chubby ( a polite way of saying I carry too much weight) but when I looked around the waiting room I would say that the majority of the ladies in there were far larger than I. One lady was out of breath just walking down the corridor and almost touched the sides of it as she swayed by. When I looked at the size of her belly slapping on her knees as she staggered by I thought now hang on a minute THAT is what I would call morbidly obese. By the time she got to the bottom of the stairs she was almost ready for intensive care!
Their advice to me on how to lower my cholesterol was to take more exercise. I wish I could, I would if I could, I would love to exercise to help me lose weight but after a day of screaming agony just walking from house to tram and tram to Biobank I am afraid that exercise was the last thing on my mind. Getting from A to B without resorting to crawling on all fours snapping at everyone's ankles was the priority of the day.
Charlie has just rung and said that she is able to give me a lift to the Salford Arms so I will have another Knit Out to go to tonight . I do love my little outings and hope that I will be fit enough to go to them very soon after my op What op? Is it a figment of my imagination? Is it tomorrow - the tomorrow that never comes? One day my op will come. I think my painkillers have kicked in and gone straight to my head. I shall away and splash my face with cold water to recover my equilibrium.
My ex husband came today to see how I am and had a look inside the newly re-furbished garage and discovered that the roof is leaking in the corner. Why did it have to be him that spotted that bit? I rang the builder and he was really upset and said he would be round asap to sort it out. He is a lovely man and I hated telling him as he really prides himself in doing a good job. He sounded really upset about the leak. It's probably just something and nothing and the driving rain has found the small chink in the roof's armour.


June said...

What a lovely cheerful hat. I love the rainbow colours. If I wore hats, that's the sort that I would wear. I really hope you get your back op. soon, as it must be very hard for you to be in such pain all the time. Despite the back, you seem to keep your sense of humour.

Mad about Craft said...

Don't you just love it when health professionals say 'lose weight, excersise more'. My G.P told me to excersise more and told me I was making excuses when I gave the reasons why I don't more.

I know I am a Health professional myself but I try to be very careful about the way I tell someone else to do things they are finding difficult.

Zuleika said...

That's a fun and bright hat! I can just imagine some cheery person walking down the street with that hat on. :-)
I hate the weight tags they give you, it's bloody insulting! I'm not even 200lb and I'm obese!? I could have slapped my doctor! lol Oh and that fool doctor checking up on me in the hospital after my operation. He goes "So Miss Lambe, you know what you have to do now to make sure this back problem doesn't happen again right?" I said yes, thinking why in the world would I go and get hit by a car intentionally? Then he said for me to lose weight. I was so stunned I couldn't even say anything! I regret it now that I didn't speak up. I have a back problem now because of the time I was hit by a car, I gained weight after the accident because of the back problems and pain not allowing me to exercise as much. Stupid doctors!!

stormina_teacup said...

I love my hat! I did wear it all the way home, and have worn it lots of times since too! I've even crocheted one myself now - but a small one for a child in a bell shape!
Thank you so much!