Thursday, 3 April 2008

Almost back to normal

Caroline came around 4pm and painted the ceiling for me and put the main pieces of furniture back in the lounge. I will put the remaining ornaments and bits and bats back tomorrow. I am almost back to normal. I will have this room to tidy up after I finally move out all the stuff that you saw from the photos was higgeldy piggeldy all over the room. Some things are not going back into the lounge I have decided. The knitting baskets have to go back of course.

I went to water aerobics today but the water was extremely cold due to some boiler malfunction at the Leisure Centre. My instructor said she thought it would be too cold for me but as I was there and in my swimsuit standing by the side of the pool I decided to do the class. I am suffering for it now and in a lot of pain. Why do I never listen to advice? Even though I was exercising the water was way too cold for my back and it is extremely painful tonight. I could not even help carry the things back through to the lounge. Some days I feel so useless. If I don't get this operation soon I think I will go mad. Constant pain makes me very weary but this extreme pain makes me just want to sit and howl.
The photos today are of a cotton sun hat that I knitted for Anna a couple of weeks ago and could not post until her mum had seen it. I knitted it from 100 grams of double knit cotton and the pattern is a free one except that the embossed leaf stitch used is from the Sensational sock book which is a bit awkward if you don't have that particular book. Any lace pattern would do though if it fitted in with the number of stitches. This is the link
I don't think there will be any progress on the black cardigan tonight as I doubt if I can crochet comfortably. Tomorrow is another day. Today was Victoria's birthday but her sweater is barely started. She knows that it won't be ready and as soon as I get stuck into it then it will not take me long, I will finish her sister's cardigan first as I have only the belt, pockets and cuffs to do plus all the stitching up of course.
Caroline is going to Primark tomorrow to see if they have any suitable cushion covers and a throw for me. Her taste isn't always mine so this should be interesting. Never mind a change is a good as a rest so they say and I can always go back to the cream covers if all else fails.

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