Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Kath's cardigan finished - well almost

I thought I had finished Kath's cardigan but when I came to photograph it this morning I discovered that my measuring skills must have gone AWOL when I put the pockets on. They looked OK when I measure and pinned but now one is higher than the other. I will have to change it now that I have noticed it. My niece wouldn't notice but my eyes will gravitate to that pocket every time I see it. Wish me luck as I try to unpick it for if I make a cut on the cardigan front they will be carrying me out kicking and screaming to the nearest hospital for sedation ! The pattern is very loosely based on one from Fabulous Flirty crochet book by Katherine Lee but I have used my own stitch instead of the openwork version of the book.
I started Anna's pink crochet soakers last night to give my eyes a break from all the black. I had picked up the black jumper that I am making for my niece Vicky yesterday afternoon but when I got to the bit where the body joins together (it is worked top down) although she had asked me to make her a large jumper this was too large (in my opinion) so back it came and I have altered it. She is of a similar size to me so if it fits me a bit snug then it will fit her. Just what I need with black - a pocket to unpick and a jumper to unravel - argh. Add to that the fact that both patterns came from US books with gorgeous designs but ambiguous instructions. Maybe it is me converting to UK terminology but I really struggle with the new US crochet books. I find them so hard to follow to the letter.
The hospital rang me yesterday to say that one of the tests on Monday showed that I have a water infection and they recommended a course of antibiotics. The sister asked me how much water or fluids I drank during the day and when I told her I got a slapped hand. You are not drinking enough water. That is why these things keep happening to you. Consider myself told off. Pass the water jug! Force feed (drink?) me liquids if you see me. When I was at work my desk was near the water cooler and I always had a plastic cup on my desk but since I retired I don't seem to remember to drink enough. Before you ask no I don't drink enough of the hard stuff either!
Buster is trying to eat the postman through the window again so I had better go and rescue him and my cushions as he flirts them all over the room as he gallops around from window to door. I am going to have to hoover Kath's cardigan as rinsing it didn't dislodge all of Buster's intertwined hair from it. The joys of dog owning!


June said...

Your cardigan has turned out lovely and must have been hard going in black. I also am having trouble with the US pattern books and can't get started on the Doris Chan book. I hope you have better luck than me.

Mad about Craft said...

I love the cardigan!

You are a busy girl, turning out all these finished garments.

Matron says 'Drink more fluids, we don't want that nasty water infection, do we?'

Zuleika said...

That cardigan is beautiful! Great work! :-)