Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My horoscope was almost right

I don't really believe in horoscopes, well at least not the ones in the daily papers, but I did glance at yesterday's and it said I was to check e mail and text addresses carefully before I sent them. So what did I do today? I sent an e mail meant for Rose to Vicky! Luckily Vicky alerted me to the fact and all was well. So the horoscope got it almost right - just got the wrong day!
My sister in law's shawl has progressed well. I have now worked up 200 grams See how well I understand UK instructions particularly from ancient patterns. This was from a booklet circa 1980. The last time I made it I was using stash wool and so cut it shorter than the pattern but this time I will make it to it's full length. Still not sure about the edging though (see pattern on previous post) . That might have to be a modification as I doubt that she would want a frilly collar.
I started a hat for Kath with the part 100 gram ball I had left. I am using a pattern that I got free from the net. I wanted to forward the link to Rose but discovered that the lady in question who designed Guy's hat has now jumped on the bandwagon of selling her patterns and the link has changed. I am all for people making a buck but it does make life difficult for us Brits who might only want one pattern. I get confused sending away for things in the UK so have no chance with converting to dollars and have never mastered Pay Pal. I might have got to grips with some of the internet but most of it remains a huge mystery to me.
My niece Vicky has offered to take me up to the Yarn Barn in Shaw for a little look around on Saturday. I don't need anything (famous last words?) but who can resist an offer of a ride to a wool shop?
This afternoon I am off to the hospital to get my CPAP machine checked out in readiness for the operation. I did ring last week but the technician got a garbled message from me. I relayed the message via a secretary - I am going in hospital, need machine checking, plus I need a new mask and container as container is leaking. She got message - Not an urgent message as Jan is going in hospital for a few weeks and so won't be able to come to any appts! I didn't think I was that hard to understand how can it not be urgent when I have a leaking container. Water and electricity are not a good mix are they?
I have washing blowing in the sunshine - yeah for sunshine and am off to walk my dog before I have to go out.

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Cathrine said...

Hi Janet: It's me again! I love the cream shawl you are working and would like to make one for myself; however, I cannot make out the beginning row of stitches. Would you minding printing the first rows, with that increase - it looks a quick, warm piece. Thank you, Cathrine